Additional Fees After Buying a Car in Florida In addition to state and local taxes, there are some other fees and taxes that you may encounter as a Florida buyer. Documentary Fee Maximum Increases from $220 to $230. The fee, which is paid for by the dealer and passed on to the customer, doesn’t amount to much (about $7 to $30 per vehicle, dependent on your state.) Alaska has no limit on the dealership documentation fee, but the fee must be included in the price of the car. The cost of advertising the car is baked into the sticker price. On-line Plate Fee Calculator is available for your convenience. In some states, the doc fee is limited by state law. A Flooring or Floor Plan Assistance Fee is for holding vehicles at the dealership. It’s common to see the expense range from $100 … … Depending on the state, fees might be determined by a percentage of the sale price. California has a limit of $80 on document fees, which are referred to as document processing fees. All recommendations are based foremost upon a good faith belief that the product, service, or site will benefit car buyers. Dealer Manual . Average Dealer Documentation Fees by State, List of States That Do Not Tax Car Incentives, Don't Wait Too Long Before Buying Leftovers, Clues That Tell You Which Cars Are in High Demand, How to Time Your Purchase to Maximize Savings, Why You Should Never Buy a Newly Introduced Model, Why You Should Always Buy Your Car at the End of the Month, How to Protect Yourself When Leaving a Deposit, List of State Attorney Generals of the United States, How to File a Complaint Against a Car Dealer, $194 Max Doc Fee + flat $21 Electronic Filing Fee. has compiled a list of average doc fees charged in each state. Every dealership has a dealer documentation fee, which covers the office personnel doing the paperwork for the sale of a new or used car. Buying a Used Car in California. A check or money order payable to “State of Michigan” for the applicable fees. To assist you in keeping legally abreast, DMV.ORG has authored a dealer-related information page full of current state legislation laws regarding dealership business practices. Virginia DMV Fees: $40.75 for new license plates – vehicles under 4,000 lbs. Plate Fee Calculator . Michigan caps dealer documentation fees at $200 or 5 percent of the price of the car, whichever is less, according to Michigan’s Department of State. By contrast, New York has the lowest doc fees, with an average of $75. Georgia does not regulate how much a car dealer can charge in dealer fees, also frequently referred to as “document fees,” “processing fees,” or “customer service fees.” Given this, you will likely notice a range of these types of fees at dealerships throughout the state. Enter new Vehicle's weight: Pleasure vehicles … $45.75 for new license plates – vehicles over 4,000 lbs. What are car dealer fees? Here are the 10 states with the largest car dealer fees: Vehicle Title, Tax & Registration Costs By State. The most common additional fees are sales tax, vehicle registration, and a documentation fee. On this page you'll find a comprehensive list of regulations touching on Lemon Laws, misleading advertising, warranty agreements, pricing, documentation fees…   Check your local laws before you head to the dealership… Currently, New York has the lowest average dealership documentation fee of $75. Floor Plan Fees. It is the total price of the vehicle including any and all accessories rebates freight etc but is Not to include any warranties, dealers discounts, processing fees etc. Read the full, Why You Can't Buy Direct from the Factory, The Ultimate Step-by-Step Car Negotiation Guide, Why You Should Never Negotiate Price at a Dealership, Don't Ever Negotiate Based on Monthly Payments, Always Force the Dealer to Quote Price First, Things That are Non-Negotiable at a Dealership, Why Invoice Price Isn't Dealer's True Cost. You can, however, ask them to reduce the price of the vehicle to compensate for a high doc fee. A … Some states limit this amount, and some don't, but it will generally cost you anywhere from $75 to over $500. For example you’ll never see a doc fee of more than $85 in California, whereas in Florida you’ll frequently find dealers charging upwards of $1,000 for a doc fee. $15 for a title; $17 for electronic filing; Other Fees: A $699 processing fee is charged to aid in your protection and the dealership… Many dealerships will not notify you of this fee until you are signing the final paperwork for your car; however, some dealerships will negotiate the fee with you and some will even remove it. Pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act (MVSFA) (Bulletin 2021,04-CF), the documentary preparation fee maximum has been adjusted to $230.Section 13(2)(a) of the MVSFA, MCL 492.113(2)(a) states… They found the highest doc fees to be in the Southeast region of the United States with Florida having an average doc fee of $607. Verify a Vehicle Dealer or Repair Facility License . Documentation fees (or doc fees) vary from state-to-state and some states have a maximum limit a dealer is allowed to charge. Items like DMV fees and registration fees are set by the state … Documentation fee — The dealer’s document fee — also called a processing fee, handling fee or conveyance fee — helps offset the dealer’s cost of preparing all the paperwork that goes along with selling a car. The data is mostly from July 2011, but I've updated some of the States as readers informed me of changes. 2. Conveyance or documentation fee: This covers the cost of the dealer handling the paperwork. The fee can range from less than $100 to several hundred dollars depending on the dealership and where you’re buying the car. The lowest average is $75 in New York, with the highest average being charged in Florida at $670… Car dealer fees by state Here is a state-by-state table showing the estimated amount you could expect to pay in required fees when you purchase a new or used car from a dealership. *Top 10 Lowest by Average are labeled in green; top 10 highest by average are labeled in red. Car dealer fees are extra charges that a dealership adds to the final bill when you purchase a car. You cannot negotiate a dealer's doc fee because they are required by law to charge the same amount to every customer. The low fee isn’t really worth the trouble of negotiating it off of the total car price, but it is a fee … Regardless of the name, it’s meant to cover their cost of paperwork. Under the as-is law, dealers don't have to repair a car … The fix: If the dealer says he will sell a car at the invoice price but you have to pay an advertising fee, just say no. Dealers in California can legally sell vehicles "as-is." The dealer shall not represent to the purchaser or lessee that the fee or charge is required by the state to be paid by either the dealer or prospective purchaser or lessee; (iii) The documentary service fee is separately designated from the selling price or capitalized cost of the vehicle and from any other taxes, fees… Pay close attention to the instructions in your packet. Best Rebates, Incentives, and Lease Deals. Car dealerships fees can often come as a surprise to car buyers because most car dealers will not bring them up during the negotiation stage when pricing a vehicle, but rather towards the end of the process. The state adjusts the cap every two … In Virginia, there is no law that limits the number of fees that a dealership can charge, so they can be very different depending on the dealership or even the vehicle. We used Edmunds data: the maximum car tax rates, the average Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) fees and the median document fees in every state. Dealer documentation fees (also known as doc fees), cover a dealer's administrative costs … A dealership may charge $65 if they do not have a partnership with the state to … Florida has the highest documentation fees in the United States, with an average doc fee of $670. These fees … In other states, the doc fees are unregulated. The California State Automobile Association provides an online list of mechanics that perform high-quality diagnostic tests in the state. Some states such as California limit the maximum amount a dealer can charge for this fee, but most have no limits. Here are the 10 states with the largest car dealer fees: Florida ( $607) Colorado ( $508) Georgia ( $502) Many states cap doc fees to prevent dealers from exploiting them. Dealerships may sell a vehicle at an attractive price but then add a high doc fee to the … If you have additional questions you are welcome to email Debbie Stapleton-Korn or call the MADA office at (800) 292-1923. Every dealership has a processing charge; some call it a documentation fee.