the two diagonals AC and BD are perpendicular at point E BC equals 4 and BA equals 7 compute the value for AD to 3 decimal places . The subscriptoin renews automaticaly until you cancel. on AD and F lying on BC. O nitrogen-18. The colonists had... How you draw a monkey on a none touch screen chrome book... Ellie ran out of time while taking a multiple choice test and had to guess If AH:HD = 3:2, assume AD and BC are both 5 long. without figure it's tough. View Homework Help - Geometry_hw-115 from BIO 100 at Syosset High School. In trapezoid ABCD with legs AB and CD, ACAD=23 dm2. As an elearning project manager you need to plan the development of an 8 module course each module takes 11 hours to update how many hours will it take for the entire course development, Ariel's garden is planted in the shape of a square and has an area of 81 square feet. Questions in other subjects: Advanced Placement (AP), 07.12.2020 17:00. ABCD Trapezoid BC = 4 AD = 8 BD = 6