What do I do if I am absent when I have an assessment task (test/exam) to do or have an assignment to hand in? 2020-'21 High School device needs. ~ Raquel, Angellie, Trisha, Joseph, Emily, Alyssa, Teone, Emily, Caroline, Reza, Mary and Samina. These “free” periods or “study” periods are times when you can study and ask for extra help and assistance. Matt Topp is the Head Teacher of Computing and the Computing Coordinator. You can see your Deputy Principal (Leah) in the front office. How do I get the most out of my two years at SMSHS? You can also find out about different clubs during our Orientation Week Pop Up Display (Recess on Friday 31 Jan) - or check with Angela in the TAS/PDHPE Staffroom as she coordinates all the clubs in the school. ~ Romy, Andrew, Angellie, Trisha, Joseph, Julius, Dang, Sophie, Shifa, Demi, Bianca, Jaime, Mosam, Simmy, Urbashi, Roshni, Joyce, Seandan, Priyam, Chelsea, Chloe, Tegan, Amy, Harkirat, Aaliyah, Celina, Amy and Yustina, ~ Katrinna, Lexi, Madelaine, Afra, Aiman, Bianca, Jaime, Mosam, Lachlan, Bhawan and Dylan, It helps you to remain updated on Period 0s, school events, permission notes and forms. 8:31am - 9:07am. Lunch / Travel time École St. Mary is a dual-track school offering instruction in French Immersion and English programs to students from Early Learning to Grade 6 in Lethbridge, Alberta and surrounding area. There are codes for each of your subjects and your teachers as well as long room numbers. The Principal and Deputy Principals can be found in the front office. Where can I get help for my school work and subjects? Your Mentor Teachers and Student Mentors will help you to read your timetable. Helpful Health Screening Information read more Each Catholic school has its own start and dismissal time. For more information go to http://www.dec.nsw.gov.au/footer/copyright. Which teacher do I see for technology issues / internet / set up of devices? Starting at SMSHS is an opportunity to introduce yourself to others and even if you don't make many friends on the first day of school, you will along the way because the environment at our school is super welcoming and friendly. Show All Facebook. Please see the Remote Learning Handbook for pupils and parents. You have your normal scheduled lessons on this day - the lessons are just a bit shorter. You can leave the school premises during lessons when you don't have a scheduled class and during recess and lunch - but you must be back in time for your next class. Period 3a – 11:50 AM – 12:50 PM – Class – 60 minutes. (buses depart @ 11:45 & 11:55), 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm (75 minutes) Early Dismissal. School Safety / Bullying Report It has the prime purpose of keeping students, parents and families informed. St Marys Catholic High School. You can ask Lyn Tuckwell (the Careers Adviser) in the library for other opportunities. If you have a talent, show it off in the various groups and be as outgoing as you can. Join Google Classrooms as your teachers let you know about them. MARY’S HIGH - SCHOOL BELLS. Some courses run tutorials for free outside of school hours, normally after school but sometimes before school. Period 2 – 10:47 AM – 11:47 AM – Class – 60 minutes. ~ Caitlin, Selvy, Farah, Eden and Jenny. Special Education Advisory Committee ~ Romy. ~ Thuwana, Ruchelle, Laiba, Claude, Marjen, Caitlin, Selvy, Farah, Eden, Jenny, Myiesha and Sajal, address (buses depart @ 11:45 & 11:55) 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm (75 minutes) Synchronous (online) afternoon class. It is important to get advice about changing your subjects – and Lyn Tuckwell (the Careers Adviser) can also be found in the Library to give you some help if needed. ER0001 is a room in Eason Block downstairs). ... St Marys Senior High School. 8:31am - 9:12am. St. Mary’s Central High School is committed to providing a foundation of faith through a Catholic education. Period 1 - 8.20 am - 9.32 am. Your parent/carer will also need to explain your absence within seven days so that the explanation is added to our school records. a family member may pick up your grad package for you. 9:05 am – 11:35 am (150 minutes) Face-to-Face morning class. However, if you come late and/or leave early and don't have a scheduled class, you don't necessarily need to sign in/out. The cover sheet has a receipt at the bottom of it, which the teacher signs and returns to you as proof that the task was handed in. ~ Kirolos, Thabo and Kimie, Our school spirit is encouraging, motivating and supportive, often filled with friendly, healthy competition. Playground supervision is provided from 8:30 am and the lining up bell rings at 8:57am. 12:50 PM – 1:35 PM – Lunch – 45 minutes. ~ Nitish, Krishna, Lam and Laiba. First Lunch : 11:49 – 12:27 Your teachers will go over these with you but if you read through them, it is important you ask any questions ASAP. Shaping authentic men and women of talent and faith. Shaping authentic men and women of talent and faith. There are also lots of food options at The Village. You are able to run for the Student Representative Council, with elections for Year 11 reps happening in Week 5 of Term 1. Just select up to 5 schools and click "Go". Lunch Break - 12:06 pm - 12:42 pm. ~ Tanvi, Nadeem and Kirsten, You can always ask someone for help, including a Student Mentor, a teacher or another student. ~ Jayden, Yes. Make a payment. Year 11, Surnames A-G – Nicola is in the Science Staffroom, Year 11, Surnames H-O – Luigi is in the LOTE Staffroom, Year 11, Surnames P-Z – Tim is in the Science Staffroom. Liz Hemmings is the "timetable fixer" - she can be found in the Library. Gallery. The Student Adviser for Year 11, Surnames H-O is Luigi - he can be found in the LOTE Staffroom. ~ Jayden. Period 4 : 12:33 – 1:48 Any absence from school has to be explained within seven days of the absence. Bell Times. Kitchener, ON There are lots of sources of support at SMSHS: ~ Kadijata, Sanjana, Jayati, Zainab, Jayden, Emily, Ruchelle, Kirsten, Nina, Delcy, Dickson, Micah, Amelia, Kirralea, Celine, Amy and Yustina, Yes. Asynchronous (online) afternoon class Absolutely not. Downstairs classrooms always have a "0" as their first number (e.g. Plus some water and food - everything else will be provided to you. Start, lunch recess, and dismissal times for the 2019-2020 school year are listed below. E: Emailstmaryssen-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au. Since 1917, we have served a diverse population of students. Get #FirstDay2021 ready for the new school year. A small bag with a pencil case and a small book. They also need to have a pink school cover sheet attached. Cluster Meetings are almost like year meetings in that they help to keep you informed about school events and general school information. St. Mary Elementary School is part of the Halton Catholic District School Board and a proud member of the St. Ignatius of Loyola Family of Schools in Oakville Family of Schools St. Ignatius of LoyolaCatholic Secondary School Family You should wear appropriate pants/skirt as well as closed in shoes and a sleeved shirt that covers all of your torso. The Student Adviser for Year 11, Surnames P-Z is Tim - he can be found in the Science Staffroom. The application forms to drive to school are on the tables near the front office and once they are filled out, you return them to the front office. Period 1 : 9:05 – 10:20 It is important to stay focused on your goals and draw on the support available to reach them. Synchronous (online) afternoon class The following are key areas you will need to know: ~ Raquel, Emily, Romy, Andrew, Teone, Joyce, Seandan and Priyam. St Marys Catholic High School Academy Trust is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with Company Number 8107212 and has a registered office at Newbold Road, Upper Newbold, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 8AG. Latest news Go to all news. The bell times on a Period 0 day are slightly different to our normal bell times as they are arranged to let whole courses do tests in the MPC/Hall. His office is upstairs in the Tech Centre and he runs information sessions in O Week for all of Year 11 that helps to get everyone connected. Bell Schedule - St. Mary's Academy is a premiere college-preparatory Catholic high school for young women in Portland, Oregon. Which car park can students with their driver's licence park in? You can ask your Cluster SRC Representatives or any of the School Captains for their help as well. stmaryssen-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au. Volunteer What do I bring on my first day of school? However, it is always best to follow your teacher's advice. Anything in dress code. If you don't have a class Period 1, you can arrive at school and go straight to your Period 2 lesson without signing in late. Can I leave the school grounds during the day? What are my boundaries within the school? You can use different devices to take notes at SMSHS or you may prefer to take notes in books or on loose leaf paper.