The form is intended to pay one-time payments outside of the employees normal earnings. U2C-PETU should not be used to transfer expenses that can currently be transferred using the original PETU. ucsfmc\smithj; UCSF Email Address:; If you're having trouble using MyAccess, try resetting your password: UCSF Password Management Tool; NOTE: It's no longer possible to login using an SF ID such as SF123456. Phone Number. 2. • Find out more about transit incentives? If you have an idea or suggestion to improve MyReports: Used primarily for adjusting previous time reporting due to retroactive changes or errors in time submission. Search UCSF; UCSF Medical Center; Controller's Office . REQUESTOR INFORMATION. In addition, UCSF wants to track volunteer support for COVID-19 healthcare in other cities. as you did before UCPath to submit timesheets, and to request leave and record leave usage. Some websites may require an additional login, Duo authentication, and/or VPN connection in order to access. Used for all gifts from industry and corporate foundations and should be submitted to Gift Administration with accompanying correspondence and documentation. To ensure Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, a Merchant ID is required for each department wishing to accept credit or debit card payments. Complete this webform to request approval for a Merchant ID. Administrative delay rush check payments are to pay employees who did not receive pay on their regularly scheduled payday due to late notice, miscalculated pay or processing errors. MyReports encourages continuous improvement and welcomes new report and enhancement ideas from the entire UCSF community. Month . ... (Forms Portal) Graduate Medical Education (GME) Historical Lab Results (pre 2006) ICAP; ... Timesheets & Payroll. Approvers needing to edit leave on an employee’s timesheet … The Payroll One-Time Payment Template is used to pay mass non-recurring flat dollar amounts. Requesting, Reporting, and Changing Leave. Director who submit space requests. Ph. The HBS Payroll Office is responsible for issuing accurate pay to over 25,000 UCSF academic and staff employees, while maintaining monthly, biweekly and supplemental pay schedules. Stale Request. Log in. Complete the form This pay option may only be used when: © 2019 The Regents of the University of California, Payroll Expense Transfer Uploader (Form PETU),, Effort Reporting System (ERS) Access Request,,, Late Cost Transfer Policy Exception Request Form,, HBS Bi-Weekly Non-Exempt Timesheet Change Request Form,, Vacation/PTO Accrual Extension Form (Grace Period Form), Equipment Inventory Modification Request Form (EIMR), Check Request - Form 5 Non-Payroll (U5-2),, One-Time Payroll Payment Authorization (Form UPAY 564-2A),, Signed California Form 590 - Withholding Exemption Certificate, Taxable Employee Non-Cash Award or Gift Reporting Form,, Compensatory Time Off (CTO) Election Form,, Additional Compensation for T32/F32 Postdoctoral Fellows from Federal Funds Form,, Uncapped-to-Capped Payroll Expense Transfer Uploader (U2C-PETU), UC Employee's Federal-State Withholding Allowance Certificate (UC W-4/DE 4), Statement of Economic Interest Form (700-U),, HBS Monthly Timesheet Change Request Form,, Partial Exemption Certificate For Manufacturing, Research and Development Equipment (CDTFA-230-M),,, Make a Payroll Overpayment Recovery Plan Payment, Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9), UCSF Intercampus Order and/or Charge (IOC) (UFIN 116-2),, Sponsored Project Award Setup Change Request,, Petty_Cash_Change_of_Custodian_Form_20180904.pdf,, Temporary Inter-location or Multi-location Appointment Form (UPAY 560-T),, Cost_Sharing_Budget_Template_20170818_Form.xlsx, Signature Authorization or Cancellation (U242), Signature_Authorization_or_Cancellation_Form-u242.pdf, Signature_Authorization_or_Cancellation_Form-u242.xls, Equipment Custodian & Custody Code Maintenance Form, Equipment_Custodian_Custody_Code_Maintenance_20190611_Form.pdf, Interlocation One-Time Payment Form (UPAY 644C-T),, Request for Final Paycheck Form (aka Payroll Separation Check Request Form),, Private Contract or Grant Financial Report Template - Current Period,, Out-Of-State Income Tax Withholding (UPAY 830), Private Contract or Grant Financial Report Template - Cumulative Report,, Request For Approval of a Departmental Cost Transfer Reviewer,, New Parent Project Request Form - Current Use,,, State Oath Of Allegiance, Patent Policy, and Patent Acknowledgement (UPAY 585),, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax (Form 990),,,, HBS Bi-Weekly Exempt Timesheet Change Request Form,, Rush Check Request Form (for HBS Bi-Weekly Employees only),,, Equipment Inventory Modification Request - Other Form (EIMR-OTHER), Equipment_Inventory_Modification_Request_(EIMR)_Other_201906_Form.pdf, equipment inventory modifications requests, Cash Settlement & Account Termination Form, Cash_Settlement_and_Account_Termination_Form_20180904.pdf, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return (IRS Form 990-T), Transfer_of_Foundation_Funds_Request_20140912_Form.pdf, Time Reporting Adjustment Worksheet (UPAY 644D-2A),, UC Nonresident Alien Employee’s Federal - State Withholding Allowance Certificate (UC W-4NR/DE 4),, New Parent Project Request Form - Endowment, New_Project_Request_Endowment_20170608_Form.pdf,, Damage Payment Report of Services Performed Before Signing the State Oath of Allegiance,,, Fee Remission Authorization/Cancellation Form,, Rush Check Request Form (for HBS Monthly and Non-HBS Employees),,, Tracker I-9 Complete New User Request Form,, BlackLine Reconciliation System User Request Form, Request for Deferment - Federal Perkins Loan, Nursing Student Loan, Health Professions Student Loan, Loans for Disadvantaged Students,, Additional Pay Time Reporting Worksheet (Form UPAY 644C-2),, Voluntary Self-Identification of Race, Ethnicity and Veteran Status: U-5605,, UCSF_Request_for_Agency_Fund_20190328.pdf, Request for Sensitive Employee Fingerprinting,, BlackLine Reconciliation System Balance Sheet Account Request Form,, Request for Cancellation - Federal Perkins Loan, Institutional Loans, Request_For_Cancellation_Form_20180904.pdf, Gift_Informed_Participation_Letter_201707_Form.pdf, Request_For_Economic_Hardship_Form_20180904.pdf, Primary Care Loan (PCL) Programs Self-Certification Form, PCL_Programs_Self-Certification_Form_20180904.pdf, NFLP Employment Certification Form - Exhibit D, NFLP Certification of Deferment Status - Exhibit H, Discharge Application: Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Form,, NFLP Statement of Borrower’s Rights and Responsibilities - Exhibit B, NFLP_Statement_of_Borrowers_Rights_and_Responsibilities.pdf, NFLP Request for Postponement of Installment Payment - Exhibit G, NFLP_Request_For_Postponement_Of_Installment_Payment.pdf, Student_Consent_to_Release_Form_20180904.pdf, NFLP Request For Partial Cancellation - Exhibit E, NFLP_Request_For_Partial_Cancellation.pdf, Request_for_General_Forbearance_20180904_Form.pdf, Employee Consent - Accounts Payable Check Request,