For example, drug offenses are a "popular" choice, as well as business and investment fraud. Nevertheless, the number of cranes in Dubai was and still is, crazy, and the city keeps developing. Most malls in the UAE have a dress code displayed at entrances. 1. By the way, do you know that you can be put in jail for 48 hours before you are taken to court. Now, bear in mind, that the person on top, is also responsible for the laws, upon which, the whole democratic system is based. It is just one of the craziest laws in Britain that has recently been removed from the rule book. 22. Drinking alcohol By law, only married couples are allowed to have sex, or even share a bed, in Dubai. 14) The currency of Dubai is the UAE dirham (AED). And laws are passed after voting of the Congress, sometimes public vote, and then an affirmation of the president. Every country is different, and every country's laws are different. Singapore is an extremely interesting and diverse country. Dubai (Image: Getty) Read More Related Articles. Dubai is one of two emirates with a veto in the UAE. Here are 42 crazy laws. In 2014 alone, the government carried out around 2,400 executions for offenses of all kinds, even nonviolent ones. If you are aware of some weird laws still in effect in your country or state feel free to tell us in the comments. The UAE has a modest dress code. We've compiled a list of 50 weird laws around the world you may not believe exist. This is the same currency as the rest of the United Arab Emirates. 7. Today, however, there are almost 2 million cars. Virtually it is 0% across Dubai. Laws are in place to make sure society continues to run smoothly. 2. Sometimes these laws border on the seriously ridiculous, and other times they point to important cultural values that might be different than your own. Right now, it’s illegal for them to vote too. How is it possible that some dumb laws like these are still in effect today, remains a mystery. Some other strange laws include: it is prohibited to open an umbrella on the street in Alabama, denying someone a glass of water is prohibited in Arizona, and it is also Illegal to collect rainwater in Colorado. 6 Dubai Laws you Should Never Break Over the past few months we have covered a number of stories involving expatriates who have broken the law in Dubai and found themselves in serious trouble. It is developed and due to its many reasons like tourism, law enforcement, jobs related opportunities it attracts many people towards itself and most people like to visit Dubai maybe once in a life or more than once. Dubai could now be the riskiest place in the world for the unwary traveller and Venezuela and Trinidad the countries with the most dangerous prisons. You can be fined for not reporting an explosive to the police – when the law was written, the fine was a grand total of ¥100. Pucker up at your peril in the United Arab Emirates Public displays of affection—kissing, hugging, holding hands—should be avoided while traveling in the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, extramarital sex is against the law and could result in … But if you plan on being in the United Arab Emirates during the period of Ramadan, you should plan on observing the holiday, which forbids eating during the day. In some respects, we're amazed anyone ever breaks the law in China, because it executes goddamned everyone. There is another craziest law in Denmark, it is illegal to start your car without first checking to see if there are any children sleeping under a car . In Dubai, extramarital sex is against the law and could result in jail sentences for over a year. It is estimated that around 15 percent of Dubai’s population are Emiratis, while the other 85 percent are expatriates. Dubai is a fascinating and captivating city. Here is a brief guide to some of the weird laws in Singapore. Apparently, it will become legal in 2015 (how sweet). 3. 21 weird, strange, crazy, funny and unusual French laws and why they exist. The UAE Ministry of Interior’s ‘999’ magazine recently published research that stated 72 per cent of expats in the UAE lack knowledge of local customs and traditions. 8. The law is so strict in Dubai. We are in 2020 and it’s surprising that nobody ever thought about revisioning them. Don’t swear in the UAE. Sometimes though, laws can get a bit out of hand, weird even. Quite an increase from 1968, when only 13 cars where registered. This means that taking pictures of strangers without them openly allowing can lead to a fine of 500,000 AED and six months in prison. In Mobile, Alabama, it is against the law to throw confetti or spray silly string. Dubai is an emirate of the United Arab Emirates and is considered as one of the best and prospered state in the world. 50 Weird Laws Around the World. 5- Drugs: Similar to driving while drunk there is a zero tolerance policy for drugs in Dubai. Marriage extinguishes criminal liability of rape.