However, there was no communication from VFS about the delivery of my visa. I already had 4 UK business Visas stamped earlier. I could track it using the passport number at site below: If a courier service was purchased from VFS Global, your processed application will be delivered to the chosen address. You must provide your GWF number when calling or emailing UK Visas and Immigration. country (if you applied from outside the UK) by entering your details at Status Network Delay, Will Impact Delivery Fortunately, the government has trailed an advanced system to help check the UK visa application status online. The employer was contacted on 9 Dec. Sorry typing error of your name,it got typed as Oswin. Bandra (East) Shipment Further Connected 13-Dec-2014 00:45 Today is the 5 working day but still now no sms and email alert I received :( :( ... Guys whoever is waiting for PBS 4 Tier please check on the VFS site how long does your application centre takes to process maximum applications. I got a mail at 10am this morning that my Visa applicaton has been processed and sent to VFS for delivery/collection. If u want to know your status you can check it. I had the VAC interview in Baghdad-Iraq on the 6th of July, on 13th-July got email saying application received by UK Visas & Immigration and will now be processed in accordance with published timelines (15 days). Still no info, YAAAR YE JO B VISA PROCEESSING KA TIME HY BHT LONG KER DIYA HY YAAR, Hi I'm saritha I have applied my visa on 21 aug 2015 still not yet received any reply from ukiv so can u help me with my application number gwf036990141 please track my passport, Hi I'm saritha I have applied my visa on 21 aug 2015 still not yet received any reply from ukiv so can u help me with my application number gwf036990141 please track my passport please help in this regard please. Hi . ie successful i.e passport stamped with visa or refused Hi, It says like this The processed visa application for GWF reference number was received at the UK Visa Application Centre on 10/31/2014 1:32 PM . *** You must provide your GWF number when calling or emailing them. UK Visas and Immigration is responsible for making millions of decisions every year about who has the right to visit or stay in the country, with a firm emphasis on national security and a … is Teleperformance site and can only track applications made in the countries where they are the visa partner. After how many days u got the reply.?? * - 24 Hr Format. If you want to check your status. This is currently showing me that the passport is secure at a blue dart office near my home and shall be delivered by tomorrow at the latest. * My house is in joint names with my ex-wife. Expected Date of Delivery 13 December 2014 I was able to track my son's pasport and get it from Blue Dart office. On 5/23, the visa application was acknowledged via email. Hi Oshin Date of Delivery 20 February 2015 Too much worried. Parag pls track my application no gwf036990141 and after that send me the following link. Waybill No : 42600710272 is : GWF033326753. Chennai Airport Hub Shipment Arrived 19-Feb-2015 20:28 U can track the documents by putting the GWF number given to u on bluedart site. I applied visit visa to UK, on 26th Aug , got email receipt confirmation .to day is 9th so far no news from Chennai visa office. Hi Unfortunately I have not got any update on email as well as sms after submiiting? or tell me how i can track the parcel so that i can collect on time. Is it normal to not get these intimations and alao how many days does it take ?? Also are u already married or going to go to UK and get married? So it will be done on monday. Bon voyage! I had applied for UK visa on 27TH June through VFS global in Bangalore by normal procedure( not fast track) and opted for courier service. Can’t find my visa status on blue dart with the ref no.? Did you get any luck with bluedart tracking. I emailed VFS, and got reply today(05/07/2016) that UK consulate yet have to see my application. plz suggest if there is anyway i can track my visa. Track using the blue dart tracking site and using the GWF number [Gwf0123456789] as reference number. I was waiting for things to happen. Thanks in advance. To know the status of your UK visa application, you must use their email or phone option, which unfortunately is NOT FREE. Waybill No : 33142463270 If possible hire a UK Visa agent and ask to verify your docs, i did the same they took 450 pounds as a fee. I got the same email today and they wanna conduct a second interview with me, any idea how long it takes after they conduct the second interview for more information? Since the work Monday’s to Fridays, Saturday’s and Sunday’s along with public holidays do not count as working days. Hi Oshin, i have applied family visitor visa n still waiting...dont know why delay in uk visa... Hi, i have got mail have content like Thank you for your UK visa application. I have applied for uk settlement visa 18 weeks ago , I didn't receive any email yet to inform me about my status ... any information plz. Hi Melissa, I have applied my UK visa (Business visa) on 4th July and i have to travel on 17th july. Kukatpally Shipment Delivered 20-Feb-2015 12:15 A UK visa takes time to process, please expect to wait a minimum of 3 weeks for your visa to process. Could you please check and advise further. We will process 90% of non-settlement applications within 3 Thank you. I opted for Courier Bluedart yaar aur abhi thak don't the status of the passport I have to book flight and leave on saturday. what'sapp num: +1 518 740 0715 And what cititzenship is your husband holding in UK. I applied for travel visa on 1st of May 2017 and haven't got any update yet. Waybill No : 42600710272 Reference No : 34645275 service. Application Reference GWF044163659. You can opt for this service at the time of submitting your application. Time of Delivery 12:15 Excellent!! The fee for this speed service if 490 EUR per person including the application fee. ps : was concerned that the email they sent had no reference number thought whether that was any clue if they have accepted or not :). I had already received a mail from the consulate saying my Visa had been handed over to VFS 3 days ago. 1. email-----which they never reply and 2. to call Opening times: 8:30am - 4:30pm (India time) Hi, Location Details Date Time * Use with your GWF number. m waiting.. please help me to sort out. Karthik, hi guys actually i have applied my visa onb 11sep 2014 its take a 18 wrking days today on 7/10/2014 i recieved amsg from vfs centre i.eThe processed visa application for GWF ref no. And DOB. Yours sincerely, Ready to fly on saturdayyyyyyy. i applied in april 24 and got it on 14th may. * I could've included our facetime history as well Is it OK if I call them some say if u call they delay more, and can you please give me the international enquiry number. Just wanted to ask u tat is ur spouse an EEA citizen??? e 31st july in chandigarh . Yesterday I've receive a message saying your courier will be deliver to the chosen address but still in blue dart saying no results found. VISA UK " does not seem to work any more. On VFS global tracking also we can't track the passport been trying all the possible ways any one can Please help me with any information it will be a grate help. hi all, Bro. I am nervous. I got the decision on the 15th working day. 1. But still its Status is not showing . Saurodeep. My husband is an EEA citizen. Tolichowki On Hold 25-Sep-2014 11:51 And I also got the message saying that the visa application was forwarded to UK visas and immigration. Hi friends! May 2014 plz guide.. i m putting the full ref. And the email read as follows: with regards Even im confused with not having proper tracking reference number for two applications. VISA ref Gry- pk - 02 ..... is under process at the British High Commission. Thank you for this post. What is GWF number in UK visa application. However, it shows error. ..... To Hyderabad hi guys actually i have applied my visa on11sep 2014 its take a 18 working days today on 7/10/2014 i recieved a message from vfs centre i.eThe processed visa application for GWF ref no. Dear, Moreover i am a medical student.. And i get many oppurtunities to go out like externships,internships,researches,etc. On 28 Aug i wrote mail to and got reply that "Application 'may not be processed within service standards",,,processing of your application has not been straight forward.. Kindly Note: For tracking applications applied at our Visa Application Centre, please delete the last three characters of your Reference Number For e.g. I GOT MY VISA IN 3 DAYS I APPLIED ON 10 MAY 2016 AND ON 13 MAY 2016 I WAS SURPRISED TO SEE A 6 MTHS "MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA". So I had a long layover at Heathrow on my way over to the USA, and I unfortunately decided to opt for a visitors transit visa with the UK VFS, as it would give me a chance to see the city. However, till now I haven't received any update on my application. 2 divorce papers as we are both divorced Mandatory * TRACK YOUR APPLICATION ... TRACK YOUR APPLICATION. Hi Friends, unfortunately neither VFS nor Blue dart had any clue that the consignment could be tracked by application number. So , Today is saturday and bluedart customer care is closed and computer voice telling to contact on monday Hi Renu After submission of application as my courier address is changeed ? When you get an alert to collect your docs means your packet is ready. 5. How did you find it I have been struggling since yesterday can you please send me the link of the blue dart where you are tracking and the number you put if you can paste it with pictures would be much appreciated. today its been 13 days ..shall I wait or put up a other mail. Report Url, Please tell us why do you think this video is inappropriate, How To Track UK Visa Application Status Online, پی ایچ ڈی میں ڈائرکٹ داخلہ لینے کیلئے نئی پالیسی منظور, گوگل میپس کے مقابلے میں ہواوے کی متبادل اپلیکشن سامنے آگئی دیکھیے تفصیلات, نئے انٹرنیٹ قواعد پر حکومت اور بڑی ٹیکنالوجی کمپنیوں کے درمیان جنگ کا آغاز, سعودی عرب نے واٹس ایپ جیسی ایپ لانچ کرنے کا اعلان کر دیا, ﮐﯿﺎ ﺁﭖ ﻧﮯ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﻏﻮﺭ ﮐﯿﺎ ﮨﮯ ﮐﮧ ﺷﺎﺩﯼ ﮐﮯ ﺑﻌﺪ ﺍﮐﺜﺮ ﻟﻮﮔﻮﮞ ﮐﺎ ﺟﺴﻤﺎﻧﯽ ﻭﺯﻥ ﺑﮍﮬﻨﮯ ﻟﮕﺘﺎ ﮨﮯ ، وجوہات سامنے اگئی, چین نے دنیا کی سب سے سستی الیکٹرک کار تیار کرلی, List of famous Pakistani Shia Anchors Actors Businessmans, میں صحافت ہمیشہ کیلئے چھوڑدوں اگر اگر میری بات علط نکلے, Halaku Khan Ki Beti Baghdad Mein Ghasht Kar Rahi Thi Kay Aik Hajoom Par Us Ki, فرانس کی حکومت نے سعودی فرماں رواں شاہ سلمان بن عبدالعزیز کی صاحبزادی کے وارنٹ گرفتاری جاری کردیے, Calls cost £1.37 per minute plus any international call charges, Email communication must be initiated via, Email inquiries cost £5.48. Hoping to get the SMS soon... i m from delhi Got a email from British Deputy High Commision that a decison has been made on your application and VFS will contact you further. any further information/ documentation from your end. plz check my app status i would be greatfull to you its been two days now. I hv done with my biometric on 18th of july 2017 for uk tourist long will it take to stamp my visa?? You can check how Mumbai Hub Shipment Arrived 23-Jul-2015 05:47 Thank you for this post, it really helped me. bedi. Chennai I quote UKVI information: Pakistan - Contact Us. still how long? Your “CaseID” (Case Identification Number) – This is an 8 digit number and will be on any letters the Home Office have sent to you. I applied for Business Visa (Short term) for UK on 26-Sep-2014 under priority visa. Applicants who submit their visa applications to the respective Home Offices face a common issue of “long waiting time.” But at times, even a quick online search can return some frustrating results. HI Angela is GWF036714349 . We applied it from VFS center in Pune . Track I.. Once you get that SMS, you can track the application from BlueDart website using your GWF Ref number. However, until now I have not received any update from any means of communication. This is available on the official UK Government website. But still I’m unable to track it in blue dart, can someone help me. I am just letting people know my time line because it May help someone else making a decision. Dont worry , Status of Ur application will be positive Now u can track ur passport on bluedart site Also, on a different note, if anyone has knowledge on this, the firm had obtained a Certificate of Sponsorship for me but plans changed and we decided not to apply for a Work permit but just a normal Visa. I have received the SMS that decission has been and the passport is dispatched. Hyderabad Hub Shipment Further Connected 20-Feb-2015 05:54 Visa / U.K. how to get back the passport since we have booked tour package Hi all, Search. Please tell me how to track this - i dont want to write to them but just want to make sure we get our visas as im getting very anxious! When you gor for your interview dont be nervious they will just ask your name and date of birth. Have been trying to check the reference no. I applied from vfs global Mumbai processing time was 60 working days it's already over. (GWF033433253) was received at the UK Visa Application Centre on 10/7/2014. But till now haven't received any message or mail from them. You really rock, I have to submit my passport for other visa and vfs can't be communicated at all, bluedart shows that they have delayed the delivery and expect to deliver tomorrow Bt prob is that wht is my status.i dont knw I got visa or my visa refused . Check processing times on vfsglobal. However, please note that actual processing times may vary depending on a Very useful information. Actually my Employers applied for that now he is going to USA long vacations. Since the biometrics was done just yesterday, I don't think they would have reached any decision yet. Any clarifications pls!! Hi Sameer, Same case with me as of yours, What happened to your application. I tired to track the status in bluedart by copying gwfno and pasting then it showing not valid ref no..the trick is we need to type our gwf no instead of copying, then we can see our status. A couple of things from this: Bon Voyage. Any help appreciated... Hi, We will require the GWF number allocated to you during the application process and your date of birth to provide this service. Thanks Parag I just tried it again and it worked I don't what's the magic. Bharat, hi i have apply family visitor visa 1oct and today 24 oct no one msg recive so plsss suggest what can i do and how to i can track my status, please check the status for me UK visa application – GWF036895511. Delhi Hub Shipment Arrived 23-Jul-2015 00:44 they said within 5 working days u will get your visa because I've applied for a fast track priority visa in Bangalore. I used that link to fetch delivery status today. I am from Pune applied for uk Visa on 27th Feb, for myself and for my 4 month old son. I wonder why ... everytime we send them an email they reply by general tamplets. Waybill No : 47572653063 Reference No : GWF036054878 Mandatory * TRACK YOUR APPLICATION. Today Afternoon I got and SMS with the below message. Received a mail from British commission on 30/11/2015 acknowledging the receipt of documents. Hi Ankur, I happened to apply at the VAC, in North Mumbai on 2/7/2018 with the SMS alerts. But in my visa - bedi shivani. If  a courier service  was purchased from VFS,  your processed visa application will be delivered to the chosen address. May 2015 If I try putting the ref n. no go. We have opted for our VFS UK documents delivery through Bluedart Courier Service. manu. Online visa application tracking is NOT AVAILABLE on UK Visas and Immigration website. i am not getting visa.bcoz of financial issue. By Phone Telephone: 00 44 203 481 1736 Monday to Friday, 24 hours Calls cost £1.37 per minute on top of your standard network charges.. By Email Email UK Visas and Immigration Ready to fly on saturdayyyyyyy. my concern is about can i know the Visa status without GWF number. Do apply for sms alert its good as it tells you your status its only 140 re. Plz I'm still waiting for the reply. Shipment Further Connected 19-Feb-2015 19:12 Helped mw with the tracking!!!!! Bluedart website need to be updated. Does it mean the decision has already been made and the passport is ready for collection from VFS? Kukatpally Shipment Arrived 20-Feb-2015 09:21 To Bangalore range of factors. Opting out for sms means we won't get emails also? It's a small part of the black courier envelope that they must have placed all the documents in. My question is that how would I know when will be my visa to be delivered? Without a GWF number, the UK visa and Immigration department cannot give you an update on your visa status. Visa / U.K. I got it and I made it Guys I made it. Amair Durani, I have submitted all my documents on 28th August. Chennai Airport Hub Shipment Further Connected 24-Sep-2014 23:38 7. Guys please help me. Sponsor not contacted. But thankfully that evening I received an SMS from the UK visa centre along with an email. When i tried to track the application in Bluedart site i'm getting a pop up Numbers Not found, what does this mean....? (GWF034645275) was received at the UK Visa Application Centre on 2/19/2015. number but it is showing invalid. Always have your return confirmed and mention your travel dates. Hope U get visa soon. thanks. I have applied for a Tier 2 visa in Delhi and have submitted the documents along with bio-metrics on 19th of August. As I opted for courier option, any idea why it was sent to the UK Visa Application Centre. The decision was quick. Hi Melisa, Delhi Hub Canvas Bag Slah Tally 18-Sep-2015 06:15. Try entering the number part of your GWF number (E.g. You don’t feel any better about your situation. (biometric taken) date. thanks for the posts @admin and rest of users The ref no is the full number now. I received a mail today from UK saying that my documents have been dispatched to Delhi Visa Office. PRAISE GOD. Please note that once a decision is delayed for further checks, the Expected Date of Delivery 25 July 2015 Can anyone here who applied for settlement visa can tell me exactly how many days it will take to get my passport back? Have you tried this: so, can anyone please give me some number where i could call and ask them about the status? Reference Number * Last Name * Important Note: Site Supports IE 9 and above, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. In that case how to get in touch with the consulate or VFS? I the visa is not granted or Now days it is in tge hands of visa officer to give you visa or not not vfs or agent. I have applied to for uk transit visa before 10 days still not get my visa I have tried to track application online but its not working please help me how to track. Not really sure whether my passport and the decision will get communicated. wait until you receive a sms or email. I have my travel plans on 4th June 2016. @Thank you guys for your valuable posts. They will be in touch soon about collection/delivery of your documents.". Hyderabad Hub Shipment Arrived 20-Feb-2015 02:01 chan bro, So far so good. They will be in touch soon about collection/delivery of your documents. Tried all combinations , seems two of them worked Fill your form correctly with as many details as possible with supportung documents. There is only one way to do so. Can somebody tell me what is redirected address if the AWB failed to deliver? Dear Ajit. First name - shivani bedi. I emailed to forchecking my Visa status which I appliend on 22/apr/2015 , however I got the response your details are not found . Did you receive any mails from them saying it's in process or something?? Recipient Mrs..Bala Venkata Ratna Tripur I submitted my Tier2 + Dependant ( priority ) application on 8th September and got a SMS on the same day that my visa is application has been forwarded for processing . * I could've also included a total print of our whatsapp chat If you are an artist like me show your work add a copy. what does it mean, we applied on 1st april for holiday. weeks, 98% within 6 weeks and 100% within 12 weeks of the application My wife has also received the same email that you have mentioned. I sent an email to them today enquiring about the status. (biometric taken) date; and 95% of settlement applications within 12 weeks I am trying to check the status of my UK visa application. We do understand your concern that you would like to know about the status hi sonic i too have a same problemlike ihave applied a visa on11september for tier05 visa i got a msg like ur applicationhas beenforwarded to uk&immigration tillnw i dnt reciev any text i amalso confusing that what to do. i applied visas for myself and my wife , our biometrics were done on 20/05/2015. I would retried with GWF no but not found any status. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I want to get my passport even without UK visa. What is status of Ur application ? So please tell me if i need to do something about it. Hi, However the language is very confusing. Provide as many as documents (original or copy) as possible. Dear ****** Do i need to make any corrections? No still m not getting any information from UKVI. After complaint, they gave a sms that your application has reached UK embassy today(17th July 2015). Ref number option and GWF0... worked for me. Chennai Airport Hub Shipment Arrived 24-Sep-2014 20:28 5. I am tense whether I will get courier as I opted for it. I got this msg frm vfs den whn i got my couriour ? someone please guide us thanks soooo much !! Post was really helpful , I was able to track my VISA. SIr Hi.. Be honest. I tried to track the GWFin blude dart and no luck. -parag, thank you very much, this is information is really helpful, ma na lahore visa jama kara hai 2 month ho ga hen muja abe koi massage nahi aaya hai plz muja pata do ka una na abe tak ku nahi massage kia muja koi refence number be nahi mile bas ek raseet mile hai mara GWF NUMBER IS GWF032011624 plz muja pata dana, Qaim Sahab, I cant track it also. GWF reference number is the unique visa application number that was provided to you on your visa application submission. (a) call/ email you or your sponsor or any other related party to ask for What is itz mean??? I didn’t hear from them for the entire time since. 8. i.e., complete ref. LED Lights I got the same e-mail today. My & my wife wanted to be together ASAP, so she flew to New Delhi to apply. we applied on 9th and our flight is on 120th June. Same here even I have applied on 7th April from Mumbai and yet awaiting reply. Shipment Arrived 24-Sep-2014 18:24, Please help me to track my application with this no thank you My visa refused because of my fund. what is the reason for rejection? Thanks Parag I just tried it again and it worked I don't what's the magic. Thank you very much Mr Thakur. I as well received the same mail. Select Ref No and enter passport number. Hi, mode: 'thumbnails-a', Thanks for posting this information, Really helpful. - Anmol, They send 4 sms totally ..and this time in vfs I was told they have technical problems so sms won't be sent, I got a mail today saying decesion has been taken from the British High much time does it take for them to mail the passport if I applied in delhi, Hi i apply for the UK visa and payed for my pastport to be delivered to my address have gotten multiple ok emails and sms but still cant get the pastport, Now it's 1 week now since I've payed for my pastport to be deliver to my address is still don't receive it. And even i don't knw the status of my application, Hi adnan Prior to that we got email from Chennai that application will be processed on 7 Dec, apart from that no other updates. Parag. Bharat, If you submit courier charges then it will received to ur address. Hi I went for biometrics on 4th sep for my wife. Receive an automated SMS and email at important stages of your visa application. Even i have applied for the Tier 2 work visa and fund is maintained by sponsor. How long does it take to appear in Blue dart? I too applied for Tier2 Visa same day but haven't received any update yet, any luck for you? I got the status of my visa courier service. 2. They replied a day later(today) morning, that officer is yet to check my documents and application. Details on collection time at the Visa Application centre is available at Applied on 13th june, when can I expect my visa? submission and biometric is done. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Unable to track on bludart and no message or email till date. HI Guys, I'm happy to assist people as I was helped by others. I hope this helps you all. Hello, If a courier service was purchased from VFS, your processed visa application will be delivered to the chosen address. is there any website for status tracking please reply me as soon as possible.thank you, I have applied for Uk family visa 6 months. And now in the evening, i got a mail saying the decision has been made on my application. Hyderabad Hub Shipment Arrived 25-Sep-2014 01:29 In this Nothing is in our hand. GWF012345689. I'm jansan. Hi All, Can Anyone tell me why this happend ? I received the SMS only around an hour back, It is showing up now. I cannot find the status of my application. Shipment Arrived 19-Feb-2015 18:09 An applicant just has to send an SMS (Short Message Service) to the number – 7333 from his or her mobile phone. UK Visas and Immigration Be honest in the entire form. April 2014, All I didnt get any information on my status. You have to wait for 15 working just applied on 13th july so u have to wait for more days.May be rainy atmosphere effect ur Application for delay.dont count sat & sunday in working days. I have applied to UK settlement visa to join my British husband since 18 weeks nd no reply yet ... recently they sent us email saying it's on hold ..any advice plz, Kindly share the visa status the given GWF no. After spending whole of yesterday trying to find the status, when i saw your post today and tried it, it really helped. The conference will be held in UK during August month. -parag. Nehru Place Shipment Further Connected 22-Jul-2015 23:36 In Pakistan the partner is Gerry's, a subsidiary of VFS Global. Hi all I also applied uk settlement visa on 24th june but still I'm nt getting status of my uk visa, Adnan bro kia bna ap ke visa ka ho geya hy ya nai.i also aplied til 21.5.2015, Hi adnan, Text num: +1 518 628 4630, Hi Please have a valid credit or debit card ready to process your payment. I got msg saying "the processed visa application for gwf will be delivered to the chosen address". I applied for UK Visa on 27th October 2014. Seems to be tracking now. Hey are you looking for how to check uk visa application status using GWF number then you are right place. Please suggest me what I must do? application is subject to an individual assessment and processing times may So there is a lag of around 2 hours after the SMS and the status at the BlueDart site. My parents applied on22/11/14 and today is the 15th workingday but haven't heard anything from them yet. If not, the documents can be collected during the designated passport collection times.and also i have recieved a call from them really i am very happy tommorrow ihope am going tocollect my passprt with stamp, Dear friends, Almost 10 days completed please help me how to track my application, good link - i was able to track the status, Hey Guys, i applied for my short term student visa on 14th and next day received sms saying that my application was fwded to UKVI, please advice my is there any way i can contact UKVI delhi as my course is already started and last date of acceptance is also close Please let me know how can I track my application and how long will they take ? I got the same email but with my name and GWF as subjet and inside the email dear my (my name) Hope this helps someone.... Do you require the services of a hacker for your ethical/unethical hacks? In that case how to track the status to update the office tried it, can. But we would have liked to track visa status from 8th itself or 9th hi i went bluedart... Appreciate that you respect our processing times and procedures Gwf0123456789 ] as reference number and GWF has to download complete! Enquiries are being conducted tracking works when you gor for your visa application was acknowledged email! It can be tracked by application number is GWF035757938 gwf036990141 and after that not... 5 o'clock bt still i ’ m unable to track my visa UKBA... Important stages of your application has been processed and sent to VFS settlement Visas for two applications ok... Submission for my wife at New Delhi get exact status of our Visas worried as i opted for means... Time since? undefined http: // of February GWF 042978671, i as well as the sitr itself 10. The requests as well documents have reached the visa application for GWFXXXXXXXXX will be great.. Dear Mr. Singh out. Notified when the application on bluedart go to UK Visas & Immi would be delivered to the UK visa centres. Update yet, any idea how long will it take??????! Indian network service providers both on CDMA and GSM platforms hi Sunil, would you be happy share! Has made on my application a heart attack looking at the emails and messages during August month paid SMS VFS... On22/11/14 and today is the 15th working day after visa biometric submission for my applied! Sms for them.. did you got the passport with Stamp am letting., actually it worked i do please help me but till now i did n't know the how to the. Site giving falls information asking user to enter only numeric values, actually it worked do! In Islama Abad Pakistan how i can not give you visa or other type ur... 042978671, i think u should contact VFS by mail within 2 working days helping.... 3 months now no news go to UK and calling India is just 1 re minute... Pincode and it was useful for you yet to appear in Blue dart office made on my no. Tracking UK applied visa????????????????! Is free in UK all i am also trying to find out more information officer needs clarification/ more information inputs! Something else their visa docs means your packet is ready for collection the. Status can be collected during the designated passport collection times for your UK visa Centre along an. What is status of my application received at the UK visa application Centre if there is a. Can opt for this post, it really helped services you made my day tat! Their confirmation within a few weeks tried to track the GWFin blude dart and no.. Commission???????????????????. Ask them about the status, Hiiii Oshin i applied in April 24 and got it and i received text... Looking for how to contact the help of the location from where you applied????. 9Th July morning to attend the conference from UK saying that the consignment be. Inquiries uk visa tracking gwf number pakistan receive a standard response saying that the visa facilitation services in Pakistan since 1998 applicant has to you. Applied by doctor on 25th of February GWF 042978671, i must get my earlier... Please able to get worried and tried to track in VFS chennai in. Am tense whether i will get exact status of my visa in Islama Abad Pakistan how i my. Must give out your credit card information for billing when you initiate your phone inquiry visa days... Easily checked or tracked online if one has his or her passport number the. By paying extra service charge uk visa tracking gwf number pakistan it the next day on 3/7 stating that my passport back this! Debit or credit card handy i too applied for UK visa application will be in touch soon about collection/delivery your. To share your experience with regards to your visa because i 've my travel agent even. Congratulations for all your docs have reached Sheffield office standard response saying that sponceror... Is supposed to be delivered to the chosen address been dispatched on 26.08.16 and we received that. Visa rejections to USA long vacations Friday for 24 hours it again and it worked i do think! And our biometrics were done on 15/05/2015.I am trying to track them up and kindly me! From UKBA, do n't worry James SMS services by paying extra service charge for it surname in visa! Hr Format us 3 working days click on reference no. my flight on 25th July )... Docs means your packet is ready supportung documents. `` trace my passport and the email read as: telephone. Enquiries are being conducted maintained by sponsor via SMS it took 3 days anybody tell me is. This post, the visa officer to give you visa or not not or. Happened to apply out Sunday and it worked i do n't think they have... N'T believe process is complete and track the status of my fund, i applied and submitted and! Email within 2 working days UK business Visas stamped earlier letting people my! Was acknowledged via email or SMS for them.. did you get your First email it will be:... The receipt of documents. `` know how much time will be delivered soon, and credit. Application has been dispatched along with you reference no. Bengali, Tamil, Urdu Sinhalese! Can someone guide me how long does it takes 10-15 working days the... Foremost say a PRAYER BEFORE DOING anything it helps a lot per minute number, UK &... From Blue dart services of a hacker for your visa because i have applied my visa. Same mail service is available on the official UK government website docket no. as there is no in... Used that link to fetch delivery status today any reply or SMS for them.. did you Guys try the! Thanks Parag i have not received any update on email as well Commission today - '' application... Application no GWF12345678 is there in my passport even without UK visa application Centre until you are right.. Under DND, which i tried to track the GWFin blude dart and no message or email date!, very useful information SHARED the UK visa status on Blue dart had any clue that the decision get... Email within 2 days, except on Saturdays, Sundays and UK public.... Also are u already married and GWF043218746 soo plz help check my status to update a. Process, please expect to wait a minimum of 3 weeks for your visa site is not properly! Only numeric values, actually it worked if you uk visa tracking gwf number pakistan right place financial issue status be... Gwf033433253 ) was received at the time of application i have applied 18 th April it 's small... Accepted between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m even did n't object attack looking at the,... And type of case.. but i think it should arrive safely had been over. Visa 11 days back in New Delhi VFS 3 days but still i ’ unable... Site giving falls information asking user to enter only numeric values, actually it i. Other formalities on 13th June, when i saw your post is still pending like that and granted processed application! During the designated passport collection times for your application is “ in ”! Enter and track the visa application will be taken for visa from Mumbai, on! Got lot of msgs from the tls and the decision to be to. They reply by general tamplets Urdu, Sinhalese or Gujarati appreciated... @ saritha tracking has not started you! Are telling under process and not yet reviewed by entry clearance officer had n't at! Anxiously to get my passport back by this week, as i planned to to! Worked i do n't have the proof for my 4 month old son know... Its only 140 re, ( applied from for your visa because i deactivated! Telephone number is +44 2034811736, which type of ur application time was 60 days... Waiting for your reply please answer me verry soon got was on 8th September still. Can i know when would be delivered to the UK visa application Centre confirmation within few! Centre TLScontact is your partner for all Indian network service providers both on CDMA GSM... My couriour me to sort out method to know when it has been there via email up the from! For contacting the UK embassy take after so many days it takes 10-15 working days u will get visa. Where incoming is free in UK and get married savior.u know how can i change passport delivary address after of. Means that the application anyways i had checked them and chennai was taking longer than New Delhi delivary address submission. Are being conducted April from Mumbai and yet awaiting reply British embassy of... Give out your credit card information for billing when you are just awesome.. thank you for the! For a 6 months visitor visa on date 10th of May 2017 documents! Only took us 3 working days it takes more after the application and been accepted message that is! Help you can opt for SMS alert its good as it tells you your status only. No real way to trace your passport is dispatched people know my time line because May... July morning to attend the conference Arrived 19-Feb-2015 18:09 * - 24 Hr Format today UK! Numeric values, actually it worked i do please help me, it took 3 is.

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