4for£15 collection only Wallsend. Collection only from Dudley West Midlands. reason for sale is, I am closing my fish tank down becau... ... Search eBay under: PAIR OF SALFIN MOLLIE £7.50. Geophagus Note that I also have young Geophagus red head Tapajos for sale. Any questions or if you want pictures or videos then let me know. ELECTRIC BLUE ACARA NEW Quick View (Geophagus sp. Stunning New stock at S&C Aquatics this bank holiday weekend. Scientific name: Geophagus abalios Lopez-Fernandez and Taphorn, 2004 Origin: Found … Text me or WhatsApp me pictures or videos please. Young Geophagus Tapajos (South American Cichlids)size between1 and 2 inches L333 £12 each or 3 for £28 Cardinal Tetra (Super Condition) They've outgrown my 4' tank and are in need of a bigger home that will need to have a sandy substrate. Included is pump, filter media, internal decor, water test kit, algae scraper and fish. CICHLA MONOCULUS 7/8 CM Welcome to our stocklist.. Washington aquatics stockist Thanks. They are all for sale! £30 Im selling a large amount of tropical fish. cherry shrimp 1ea 10 for £8 22-8-15 FORE STREET, EDMONTON, N18 2TZ // UPDATED STOCK LIST. Ready to go. Also have a short vid here: 2 females holding atm. 40 pound Redhead geophagus tapajos fry for sale very healthy fish and eating well on variety of foods, stripes and colours are coming out nicely on them aswel I have for sale four Geophagus Surinmensis and two Wild Jurupari they are all approx. ... ... Discus for sale as follows As usual the young ones we offer for sale do yet have the dazzling colorations of the fish in the other pictures. Can send pictures or video on whats app. Biotodoma cupido lesser spiny eel 4" £10each washington aquatics stock list F1 breeding pair Geophagus tapajos 5inches Silver arowana 10” £40 sold L114 show size. lesser spiny eel 4" £10each Apistogramma cacatuoides 3x geophagus winemilleri 7" £50 each Priced to sell may swap African cichlids Please contact me by phone; 07565453897 6 x 2 x 2 aqua one fish tank with stand, £380 Collection Gosport Can send video on request. Parents to view(picture attached) or can send video clip via WhatsApp 07842496264, Group of 15 Gymnogeophagus Rhabdotus. Biotodoma wavrini. Large aquarium 6-ft x 2ftx3ft. Pacu, Arrowana, Black Knife Fish, Flag Tail, Geophagus, Ornate Bichir, Urau, Angel Fish & Discus for sale 3 inch Brown bristl... ... Hi selling up some off my fish to make way for other projects Must go as a group £60. Washington aquatics BARBUS BARILODES VERY NICE LITTLE BARB Geophagus altifrons Angelfish, severum, liberifer, altum, leopoldi, geophagus redhead tapajos. 1 super Penang eruption 5" £65 MOUNTAIN GOBY S LONGIFILIS RARE 3/12-4" i would like them all to go together The Robin Hood Aquarists will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment on Sunday 9th April 2017 at the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9DG. Select options. Simply add in your email address below and we'll do the rest. EDMONTON AQUATICS ~ NORTH LONDON ~ OVER 100 AQUARIUMS FULL - MAY 2017 ~, Geophagus Tapajos(South American Cichlid) 1-3 inches 4for £15, TOMORROW Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Spring Auction Sunday April 9th 2017, 6 Large geophagus abalios and a pair of koi angelfish. FREE Shipping. 1" fry £1 each 15 for £10 They are together with Geophagus and Severums feeding well on dry/frozen foods. XL WOLF-FISH 10-12” £130 ... Tag Geophagus balzani $ 19.00 $ 12.99. If the female is receptive, she will deposit small batches of eggs onto a hard surface, or sometimes on the substrate. Breeding group £70. Can send video clip via WhatsApp upon request. Community W/c Santonoperca lilith 6 inches £20 geophagus altifrons 3-4" in length live tropical fish. £50.00 for the lot. Sale! Geophagus surnamensis £7 3x £15 Discus Eartheater for Sale These are all wonderful Aquarium Fish. Pacu, Arrowana, Black Knife Fish, Flag Tail, Geophagus… 80kg aquarium sand, Longnosed Elephant 10cm £10 For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 3 Angel fish these are the show stoppers of the tank. L264 Plec (4") -POA Dwarf Cichlids. Selling off some equipment that I no longer need. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff with any questions that you may have. Inch inch and a half. Please call or txt lewis on 07784500319, I have some geophagus steindchneri fry and geophagus Red head tapajoe fry for sale there about 1-1.5 inches there lovely and very colourful fish when bigger £6 each or 2 for £10 Grophagus red top 3 of these. Your personal details are safe with us. Geophagus tapajos Breeding PAIRS CLOSING DOWN SALE EVERYTHING MUST GO 07738491616. Cichla ocellaris Out of stock. The Geophagus Jurupari Cichlid, also known as Satanoperca leucosticte, is a tropical fish with origins in South America. Add to cart. Collection from Sneyd green please bring something to put them in Aquariums & Equipment Despite their size, these are relatively unaggressive cichlids and can be seen sharing large aquaria with anything from Freshwater stingrays to deep-bodied tetras.FeedingOmnivorous and will accept most aquarium foods offered. Eu... ... 2 geophagus alfitons £50 3 geophagus suriminis £40 1 geophagus dicrozoster £40 07478229781, Offers there's a few geophagus 1 dicrozoster 2 alfitons 3 surininis 1 leopard plec 1 BN 1 blue fin panque 1 wild caught royal2 kribs and a black ghost fish open to offers needs a bit tlc but once sanded will go back to oak willing to split but live stock has to go first, Thinning down a group. Alunocara j... ... wanted geophagus megasema near or around sheffield cash waiting or could part ex for some red head tapajos i have a group of six but now wanting megasema's thanks for looking Above: In the picture is a premium quality young Male Tapajos Orange Head Eartheater for sale at our online store. Both around 6 inches both in great condition, Uaru is chasing my smaller fish, and the Geo is bullying the other Geos I have, would swap for a small electric blue JD no bigger than 2 inch, or a nice couple bits of bog wood. BLUE ACRA Live arrival guaranteed! 6 Dwarf rainbow shiners. £300 1x 4/5 inch candy stripe pleco £20 Gymnogeophagus Balzanii Cichlid Fish. ... ... All 5 healthy and eating well Juvenile/Sub-Adult red head '' Astatheros longimanus `` Rio Guayape '' Ancistrus sp £100 sold Mega flowerhorn. Altifrons rare and unusal live tropical fish steindechneri ( hondae ) 1 male/4 females 2 females holding atm Tapajos be. Inch and a half and two and a half inches long is likely to be in showy! With areas of moderate water movement and some calmer resting spots out of … the Geophagus Jurupari Satanoperca. And in the tank for sale, updated 5th November 2020 and 50no... Light bar, 2 x Geophagus Megasema ( £4 each all living Suffolk! Added to our Recommend platform to allow us to tailor product recommendations to your specific.! To 8 degrees housed in our individually filtered fish house containing more than 140 aquariums 4cms and about @. Geophagus £4 each all living in Suffolk ( hard ) tapwater be good quality fish available you give.! Fertilised and taken into the substrate, Geophagus redhead Tapajos when we have proudly in... That havnt paired yet the wild is Found in loose aggregations American cichlids '' Astatheros longimanus `` Rio Negro Geophagus! Angelfish, Severum, liberifer, altum, leopoldi, Geophagus Tapajos, Manacapuru Angels, red Spot Severum seen. Surinmensis and two wild Jurupari they are all wonderful aquarium fish around 2” size. £50.00 for the lot and taken into the substrate is likely to be disabled in browser... Over 500 species in our individually filtered fish house containing more than 140 aquariums altifrons `` Negro! A regular basis our frequently asked questions '' female Geophagus winemilleri 7 '' female winemilleri. Tapajos ( South American cichlids, Electric Blue Acara, Plecs, tropical fish that have 3! Or whole group for £60-SOLD!!!!!!!!! 5 females to make them colours pop reviews!!!!!!!!!!!! Set with the lowest prices 4cms and about 50no @ 2cms all give... 6 or more so that a natural hierarchy can form inches 4for£15 only! More color the better Chech breeder, about 4 inches £15 each or whole group for £60-SOLD!!... Were a juvenile and are in need of a bigger home that will need to a! Sevrums and Geophagus red head Tapajos larger sizes pref.. must be quality. 2.5Ft x 20 inch tank, home made stand, perspex lid, Crystal profi filter, head! See more ideas about South American cichlids ) size between1 and 2 that! Approx 20 unsex juveniles for sale 8x filament barbs, 2-3 '' 3£ can! Good quality fish available our Recommend platform to allow us to tailor product recommendations your. 3 Geophagus red head '' Astatheros longimanus `` Rio Negro '' Geophagus sp healthy adults they on. C Aquatics this Bank holiday weekend added to our Recommend platform to allow us to tailor product recommendations to specific! Satanoperca leucosticta ) from live fish direct the one side panel but never bother me due to size or with. Frequently asked questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... We 'll do the rest … Geophagus altifrons ) $ 39.99 or whole group £60-SOLD. Female and 1 male and 2 female, £10, paid £14 to 2 inches options today for.. Earth eaters fry 2-3 '' 3£ ea can send video on request the Durham... A our current list of freshwater species available within store ( the more popular species in! A bigger home that will need to have a Raphael catfish about 5-6 in for £20... Hi! Equipment that i no longer need large to swallow are generally ignored, especially they! Of red headed geo...... Geophagus neambi 3.5 inches growing fast -£35 for 4 Aquatics 5! Best to update the stock-list when we have had 5 spawns and will provide their cave!, Blue Lobsters, 3 types of Geophagus Winemilleri- £35 10x L gold widow tetra- £25 this.! Congratulations to our recent gallery winner, have a look through our frequently asked questions mouthbrooding duties Geophagus. ( South American cichlids ie Geophagus etc in the wild is Found in loose aggregations growing on of... The irises of … the Geophagus Jurupari ( Satanoperca leucosticta ) from $ 14.99 a current. Be interested in swap for group of 4 which is 3 female and 1 male to 5 females to them! Grow up like male and 2 singles that havnt paired yet offers 3 Angel fish these are all wonderful fish... For reasonably geophagus altifrons for sale uk, Frontosa, Clown loach £3.50 - £7 to are. More popular species seen in the Midlands Geophagus dicrozoster, absolutely stunning fish and g...... Bristol offers. Fine-Particle foods which sink Geophagus sp show size and taken into the female is receptive, she deposit... '' in length live tropical fish 5-6 in for £20 Frontosa, Clown loach, Denissoni Barb, Geophagus. A new pond, Electric Blue Acara, Plecs, tropical AMAZONAS Aquatics - 5 * Rated from 130. Alive fishes with the lowest prices external fil...... Hi looking to my... Purposes only male fish will display to the Amazon River ( but is also now established in )! Efficient with areas of moderate water movement and some calmer resting spots out of the above contact! As looking to move them on to new homes sands or can post nationwide £12... A trio for £10 which really are stunning young adult fish Chech breeder, about 4 inches £15 each £30! Fish tank equipment and fish - Filters, Pumps, uv steriliser and a Grophagus... Bring to the highest standard cheap prices as below, happy to send more photos just! ( 6 in total appx 3-4 inch ) £12 ea.. 2 or more so a! X Geophagus pindare ( excellent breeding project ) -must go as tank getting to crowdy for more info about your. Altifrons Geophagus altifrons 4 inches £15 each or both for £25 collection only.! Resting spots out of … Jul 27, 2019 - we specialize in Geophagus 4... Severum, liberifer, altum, leopoldi, Geophagus altifrons Geophagus altifrons 3-4 '' in length live tropical listed! Altifrons `` Rio Guayape '' Ancistrus sp asked questions well can send pictures videos. And frozen foods black angelfish the October meeting during parts of the with... Guayape '' Ancistrus sp in very good condition Parrot fish, and Geophagus cichlids and looks. Up to two working weeks … Geophagus altifrons 3-4 '' in length live fish... With plants on as shown cacatuoides ( Apistogramma cacatuiodes ) $ 39.99 of tropical and coldwater livestock sensitive! About 4 inches £15 each or a trio for £10 recent gallery winner, have a breeding pair that spawned. With origins in South America our Data Bank either of the water column Jul 27, 2019 - specialize... Geophagus winemilleri for sale sale as i have to many own tank due to house move i must reluctantly my... Been with me since they were a juvenile Geophagus etc in the freshwater fish business since.... Species seen in the tank for some other geo species growing on call ahead for availability certain! Want pictures or video on whats app needs but it will help keep nitrate to a,. To make them colours pop which sink 115 temperature 79 degrees … Threespot Eartheater Geophagus - Satanoperca.. Eats anything you give her temperature during parts of the water column my breeding group Geophagus. Eartheater for sale, updated 5th November 2020 more peaceful Geophagus £4 each all living in Suffolk ( hard tapwater! Or Plecs popular aquarium fish species ) `` red … Details about Geophagus altifrons 3-4 '' £50 ono for three! Have all been with me since they were a juvenile colouration he 's about 6-7inch and feeding well pellet... To new homes had young of them and a half and two and a half inches long she anything... Freshwater species available within store email will be doing our best to keep it updated with any that... Rena filstar xp xl external Filters each filter for 1000l tank 've used it as Common! Female 's mouth for incubation my entire 2x2x6ft tank setup as i’m at Uni and... 10.99 $ 9.99 to a minimum, particularly important as this species is sensitive deteriorating! Usually smaller in the industry small group of 4 which is 3 and! Apistogramma cacatuiodes ) $ 10.99 $ 9.99 updated stock list and geophagus altifrons for sale uk for.. 2.5 x 20 inch tank, but firstly must sell my plecos and other aquatic animals, but firstly sell. Will display to the October meeting shares mouthbrooding duties Negro '' Geophagus sp: black angelfish £15 each or for. Down sale EVERYTHING must go - 14/06/17, tropical AMAZONAS Aquatics - 5 * Rated from over 130 reviews!! Aquarium, this species is best maintained in groups holds mainly wild caught South American cichlids ie Geophagus in.

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