Kotri Barrage is situated on the River Indus, connecting Hyderabad with Jamshoro district. The photo to the left was taken on March 14, 2009. Water level in canals flowing from Kotri Barrage in Indus River increases | TV Shows - geo.tv - Shows/special-reports | Geo TV provides latest news, breaking news, urdu … Kotri Barrage upstream 6,880 cusecs. The barrage has 44 bays, each 18 metres (60 ft) wide. • An artificial structure or obstruction placed in river or water course , to increase the depth of water(to some feet), so that the water can be diverted into canals is called barrage. On River Indus Located near Kashmore 24 There are ___ canals flowing from kotri Barrage 05 21 Two canals from right side of Kotri Barrage -Kalri and Baghyar Canal 22 Three canals flow out from left of Kotri barrage -Phuleli, -Line Channel (Akram Wah)-Pinjari Wah 23 Guddu Barrage? HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th Dec, 2020 ) :The canals springing out from the Kotri and Sukkur barrages would remain closed for 15 to 17 days due to annual repair and maintenance works.. Fukatsoft Kids section also provided you best moral stories for kids and children. there are total 4 canals which take off from kotri barrage 1 is from right of canal named as kalri canal while 3 are on the left side of barrage named as a) linned canal b) Fuleli canal c) Pinyari canal friends,in this video through Trick, you will be able to learn all the canals' name from Guddu Barrage,Sukkur Barrage,Kotri Barrage. 59. kotri barrage is the last barrage on river indus as after this barrage the indus river goes to Arabian Sea through Delta. Mori canal is also taken out of Indus at Kotri Barrage. Phuleli Canal is one of the major canals taken out of Kotri Barrage. The barrage at Kotri was constructed about 60 years ago between Jamshoro and Hyderabad. Taunsa-Punjnad link canal 42. Occurrence of freshwater gastropods in Indus River and its canals at Kotri Barrage, near Jamshoro, Sindh were studied from (October 2005 to September 2006). It feeds Fulleli, Pinyari, and Kalri Baghar Canals. Annual Canal Closures in Sindh and Punjab will start by the end of this week while Canal closure in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will commence from January 1, 2021. Kotri Barrage is used to control water flow In the … Salam!! At places it is more than 10 feet deep. This photo shows a youngster jumping into Mori Canal, Hyderabad. It was taken by Farhan Khan. The maximum flood level height of Kotri Barrage is 13.1 metres (43.1 ft). Sindh’s Kotri barrage would remain closed from December 26 to Jan 10, 2021, and Sukkur barrage from Jan 6 to Jan 20. • It is also known as Ghulam Muhammad Barrage. The barrage project was completed in 1955 and was inaugurated by the then Governor General of Pakistan, Ghulam Muhammad. “Instead of spending PKR 125 billion (USD 803 million) on this project, if WAPDA spent even half of it in lining the Kotri Barrage canals, not a single acre of land in Thatta, Sujawal and Badin districts will be out of cultivation,” he said. Barrage 43. The CM was told that the allocation for Guddu Barrage is 31,100 and Balochistan 6,700, Sukkur Barrage 5,600 and Balochistan 2,200 and Kotri Barrage … Barrage • What is a barrage? It also provides best solutions through artificial intelligence. ... Kotri barrage 58. FukatSoft is the world best online IT training platform which covers almost all fields of Information technology.

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