See charf. "N.A.A.F.I. (Extremely out of it) "I got so numb after making a fat number at Numbers disco last night." But also, "let's klap another klippies." Charo, charra Loskop Ghanaian English and Nigerian English. Going on instinct, I looked it up in OED and it says 'Bantu is a strongly offensive word in South African English, especially when used of individual people' Joziboy 1 March 2006, 18:58 UTC, Yeah, true. Cool —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:37, 23 June 2010 (UTC). or "He's lank horny. Skebenga Knaters Choose carefully whom you call a skollie. (Yuck, man, you just vomited on my wetsuit). The latest variation is kewl, pronounced koo-el, which comes from Internet chat groups. or on its own as a way of saying "excuse me?" (Flatten, punch) "I decked him after he dropped in on my wave. A person who is "scaly" is a scumbag or sleazy type. Wasted Boerewors (vorse) This is an Eastern Cape term. (Aggravation) Usually used in this context: "Don't tune me grief." Bru ('Broo'), broer , brah, bro, bree, brahdeen (Afrikaans – never) No way, oh no! Having richness and intensity of flavor or aroma: a full-bodied … have a curvy body … We don’t call them board shorts or Bermudas or other naffy names. Let's kap a tjallie. Munged I think we need a discussion on the contemporary meaning of "kugel". "This chow is kief ek sê." (Mull dope) This is what you do when preparing dagga for inhalation by removing the pips and stalks. (I kid you not) "Strue's Bob. The orifice through which dagga (dope) is smoked. Another term for high-performance surfing. (I think there is good surf there mate). See Cape Doctor. Their speciality might be Springbok, Blesbok or Eland. Isit? Brah The word "no" is often taken to mean "yes". Kooks can be all ages. But look at yourself in the mirror and you'll wonder as you examine that furry tongue slithering in a mumbling, parched mouth, puffy eyelids scraping bloodshot eyeballs. Hone Brew Stukkend ('Stuk-int') Pronounced "snoop" (as in "look") in the same way as snoek. School kids give each other lammies, usually on the forearm, but the effect can also be achived on the upper arm, or the side of the thigh. Grommets are schoolkids. See also carrots, drilled. "ja" is a totally acceptable Afrikaans word, and is not slang (substandard language). "Bru, don't you skeem this stringer is skeef?" You drink a Castle beer, or maybe a spook and diesel. (Fast) That car was really shifting bru. Approximately 20 % of it is accurate. A, Ace (Good surf) Nothing to do with preparing food. The southeaster howls across the Cape Peninsula in summer, often forming a whispy, creamy white cloud that rolls over Table Mountain in the shape of a "table cloth". We had such a cool time at Jay Bay (enjoyment). Boykie This is another quirky grammatical mutation hiccuped by generations of South Africans. Bungie (bun-ghie) "hectic" is missing! Accessed 25 Jan. 2021. Some dudes would say to each other that a Vaalie (Gauteng tourist at the sea) got the 'knobber award' for wearing a speedo on a lilo in the foamies (broken surf). And when they do, they change it (Kuif), Kak ('Kuk') The G is pronounced as if you were "hawking a loogie", the American way of saying "Gathering up to spit." How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Do you know these earlier meanings of words? n. Chorb Also zol, doob, section, two-blader, spleef, neck, number, skayf, spliff, slowboat, chellum, bottleneck, smoke, etc. (That guys will catch a punch for stealing my dope). Pallas Padkos is usually a few sarmies (sandwiches), some cooldrinks, chips, fruit and maybe a lekker stukkie biltong. Made with spicy mince, raisins, spices and yellow rice. the able-bodied definition: 1. people who are healthy and have no illness, injury, or condition that makes it difficult to do…. The expression used here indicates that the speaker is actually trying to say "dis kak boet" meaning "that's shit, dude". enology — the science of wine and winemaking (see “oenology”) fermentation — the conversion of grape sugars to alcohol b Doobie, doob We surf together every day.". A really beaten up old jalopy is called a skedonk. (Aggressive) Someone who brings bad karma into the water. "If you hit my dog again, I will give you carrots." e.g. Now you can break it off to the admiring looks of your fellow "rookers" (smokers). The word's parochial cousin is self explanatory. (I am going to hit that c**t), Blind Klippies and coke Bust "Hey brah, Super’s is firing on all cylinders, ek se. (Port Alfred) Affectionate term for this sleepy Eastern Cape town. Spadework or "pardon?". Pull in Hak ('Huk') Sjoe ('Shoe') ', Okay, well I guess it could be from both then. "Supers jacked up to 6' in an hour." From Afrikaans “Berg” - Mountain) On the West Coast, it blows from the northeast. (Car) That oke has a styling chariot. It's another way of describing good surf. It is pronounced "snook", as in "look". ", Bleak ag man: man is not pronounced as in English. (Disgusting thing, see mif) A shortened version of syphillus, sif doesn’t necessarily refer to disease, but could refer to a gangrenous coral wound, an overused long drop toilet, a car accident or a chorb. Eaten mostly in the townships, it is often found at braais. A common term on the Cape Flats is to "Kap a button" or "Smoke a button". Don't try and steal my wave or I will beat you with a pole.). Someone with plenty of space between the ears for the brain to rattle around in. --Igitur za 19:02, 27 February 2007 (UTC), The Dutch word "zuipen" is nowadays mostly used to indicate "to drink (a lot) of alcohol", and I believe it has been used like that for a long time. See also Hacked off. "Hey bru, check this bankie I scored from my mert!" ", Gerbe / rhebe ('G*air-b-ear') (Afrikaans - In the nude) When you are caught running around your girlfriend's house with no clothes on, you are kaalgat. The Babalas is no mythical beast. The classic surf wipeout, when the lip of the wave sucks you over, followed by a double impact (wave and water) and several cycles in a salty washing machine. Other synonyms are rip, carve, lacerate, cook, shred and style. ", Safe (Go to the toilet to defecate), Hap ('Hup') (Afrikaans - Strike, hit, punch) In Afrikaans, a “bliksemstraal” is a bolt of lightning. A "goofed action" is doing something stupid because you're stoned (goofed). 2. Sarmie When you're styling, everything clicks into place and you find yourself surfing like Kelly Slater, Tom Curren and "insert-favourite-surfer-here" rolled into one. If not, use “fucked up”, which is not fixable. ", Wuss, wussy (Bottleneck) The orifice that is used to make a pipe through which dagga is smoked. The air is beautifully clear and crisp in the wake of a southeaster. (Marijuana) South Africa is a rich in marijuana. Homesick South Africans buy it from gourmet stores around the world, even if they don't like it. "I was at this braai with boerie on the fire, minding my own business, playing with my boerie, when suddenly ...". Lammie (‘lummy’) (Shark) This is a slightly outdated term referring to the surfers' nemesis: the shark. You can't blame the mistake. Skeem ('Skeem') His clan name is used widely, even by the press. (Afrikaans – porridge) Boiled corn meal. This is also an affirmation. See bottleneck. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2A02:2788:1008:2C3:E2CB:4EFF:FE88:1A2C (talk) 00:10, 6 January 2021 (UTC), Attention: Slang Glossary policy discussion underway. “wave” as in “wave goodbye”.) (Afrikaans – “brother.) or "My Lord". Many stay in the city these days. "That wave closed out. "Some weird old ballie lives in that cave." Gesuip ('G*esayp') )Another way of saying no, but also a sign of incredulous response. Dirty words won't kill you, people. ", Gaffed (That was definitely a drop-in) or "That oke is full-on. (Spleef, joint, number, doob, etc) "Lets make a ting, bru." (To look at intently) Used as "don't globe me out, broer, or I'll moer you up". The Brits were the first to make it commercially viable. It won't be done immediately, or instantly, but probably less than 10 minutes, barring distractions that relegate it back to "just now". (Afrikaans) A crook or thief. "Ag, no man" (sign of irritation). foot = voet (human), poot (animal) (Expression) When a brah checks another brah across the street, he tunes: 'Yooit!' Munger Please do not take this list seriously. These examples do show proper contextual usages of the words in question according to the definitions, but they're anything but neutral. slang (now rare or disused). It is one of three types of body descriptors, with light- and medium-bodied as the other two options. The kelpy nutrient-rich waters of the Cape are home to millions of these crustaceans. (Bodyboarder) Term from Australia, but taking off in South Africa, so to speak. It has sharp teeth and is long and narrow like a barracuda. Lots of celebrities like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Graham, Kim Kardashian, etc. (Dope pip) This is a quaint term for a small dagga seed, occasionally refers to other fruit and vegetable pips, but not often. Going Ballistic Squif ('Skwif') (In a little while) "We're going surfing now now." Blotto Let's take our 6' 6"s and surf 20' Dungeons wearing baggies, no leashes and a decomposing seal on our heads. A descriptive word relating to a feeling of weakness, or lethargy. (There's a nip in the air), Now Now It refers to the impact zone, the area where the waves break. When you say "She was only charfing him! ), The moer in (roll the r) The clothes can be larney as in "Jees, you are wearing larney clothes." (To arrive) The more old fashioned way of saying "pull in". To have a rage is to go on a serious party, to push the limits of social etiquette and subject the body to a variety of excessive stimulants and stimuli. (Drug merchant) "I am chucking to my mert to score zol." Poepol ('Poo-pawl') The good thing about Now Now is that it is probably going to happen quicker than the even more flexi-time "Just now. A friendly, cartoon-styled faced of a fox, the cunning canine, looking straight ahead. (My friend showed me your website and I had a good laugh at all the crap you're going on about. (Afrikaans expletive) "Sjoe broer, that wave was awesome." Thunder thighs Rods Skop Surfers from Durban grew up on this food. (Afrikaans) Battered car. Irie.". ", "I dig her lank." "Ek wil jou naai." Pip (School is too much like hard work. (Deep-fried triangular curried pie) Made to a Malay recipe, samoosas can be found in cafes around the country. (Yuck) "Sis, man, you just kotched on my wetsuit." Nooit ('Noy-t') I MEAN IF THOSE PEOPLE CAN UNDERSTAND ONE ANOTHER IT CLEARLY STATES THAT THEY HAVE MADE USE OF THAT PARTICULULAR LANGUAGE AND HAVE FOUND A DIFFRENT MEANING TO IT,IT DOESNT MATTER WHOSE THE ORIGINAL OWNER IF I FEEL I CAN MAKE USE OF THAT PARTICULAR WORD FROM THAT LANGUAGE AND FIND A MEANING TO IT THAN SO BE IT,THERES NO CRIME IN DOING THAT AND NOTHING WROUNG REALY.NE MAY BE AN AFRIKAANS WORD BUT WE USE IT IN ZULU AND IT FITS VERY WELL.SO GET OVER YOURSELVES,LANGUAGE IS FOR EVERYONE DONT BE CHILDISH AND SELFISH!!