Mt 5:17). you can help her with a project on Friday. Then let us always remember, that this is the thing we ought not to do to him. Whether we be rich or poor, learned or unlearned, and whether the subject be more or less important, no difference shall be made: if the point relate to states and kingdoms, or if it concern only the smallest branch of moral duty to an individual, it shall equally be made known to us: and if, after that, we err, the error will not proceed from any defect in the rule itself, but from a want of a more perfect discernment of it, or a more just application of it to the point before us.]. die for us, In what ways can you treat others "like yourself"? Those, for instance, who are in authority, as rulers, or parents, or masters, are not called to obey their inferiors, because they desire to be obeyed by them. The lessons He here enforces on our notice, are broad, general, and full of the deepest wisdom. More people stay off welfare rolls and out of unemployment lines. 14:1 (1–27); D&C 11:12. SCRIPTURE: MATTHEW 2:1-2, 7-15.