$18.95. Lori is the third most feminine Loud sister, after, From the picture of her feeding baby Lincoln ice cream in ", According to episode 20 of the Nick Animation podcast, Lori's favorite movie is. Leni is a junior at Royal Woods High School and attends school with her siblings Lori, Luna, and Luan. Lori used to have braces, as seen in an old picture of her in ", Lori's ideal superpower is telekinesis, so she can text, She is one of two Loud sisters to wear eyeshadow (in Lori's case, blue). At 18-years-old (17-years-old before Season 5), Lori is the oldest child of the Loud family. 286 Views. Ooh, I drew the bratty Lola Loud as "The Queen of Diamonds", her superhero persona in the Loud House/Ace Savvy Universe. Her name is a variant of the Latin name "Laura," and is the abbreviation of "Lorraine". IMAGE DETAILS. In addition, they are both much smarter than they first appear, as certain episodes show that she is smarter than her siblings realize. Rita and Lynn Sr sold Lincoln Leni Lucy and Lily (I am changing her age do not worry lol) to a mafia. By Syfyman2XXX Watch. She is one of Ace Savvy's sidekicks. She is also Lana's twin sister (younger by two minutes), with whom she attends the 1st grade at Royal Woods Elementary School. She is very naive and quite ditzy, but she makes up for it with her beauty and kindness. However, Leni is shown to be very compassionate, as she was the only one of her siblings to prioritize helping her family get better, as opposed to getting away when the Loud family caught the flu in "One Flu Over the Loud House." She felt guilty for all the arguing between them and punished herself by missing out on her favorite sale, but her friends decided to get along for her sake. In "Ties That Bind" and "Brawl in the Family," the bows were blue to correspond with the tank top and dress she was wearing. Mixed genres. $18.00. The other one is. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO THE QUEEN OF THIS SCARY HOILDAY! Loni eventually turns out to be a product of Lincoln's imagination as it is revealed Lincoln's whole adventure was just a dream. 224 Views. Leni's original design depicted her with a light blue dress, snow boots, as opposed to sandals, and a hairstyle that resembled Lori's, but was slightly longer. Most of the time though, Lori does not use "literally" right. At 15 years old, Luna is the third oldest child of the Loud family, and the middle child of Lincoln's five older sisters. In "Project Loud House," she is shown to be unable to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Lucy from Loud House. Leni is one of three siblings who caused a blackout. She also wears white pearl earrings. Somehow, this isn’t as much fun as she’d hoped it’d be. There's more to my head than just air, you know! #6, 'Loud and proud' Graphic Material. She caused one in "Overnight Success," while the other two are. Audience Youth 0-15 years. Loud House - Lori the Queen of No. First episode Lori is known to have a flatulence problem but refuses to admit it. Voice Lori L. Loud[3] is a main character in The Loud House. 31 Comments. In the Loud House quiz, "Which Loud Sibling Are You? FashionBeing there for her siblingsLunchGoing to the mallShoppingRoyal Woods MallRomantic or cute momentsSmoothiesShiny objectsMagazinesEgg whitesDream BoatBurpin' BurgerAloha BeachChocolateMinestrone soupBrowniesManicures and PedicuresLincoln's white hairBubble gumClydeHughChazBlake BradleyDessert StormNail Polish WarsFrozen yogurtPizzaChocolate cakeIce creamThe Vampires of MelancholiaBeet smoothiesGarlic breadDecorative throw pillowsVampire-themed snacksBadmintonPicnicsHanging out with her friendsChocolate puddingVest Friends ForeverSushiZebrasDouble DareNacho cheeseGoatsSalty Pancakes This article has been protected from moving. 38 Favourites. In Lincoln's dream where he has twenty-five rabbit sisters, there is one named Betty who seems to be even more based on Lori than Bridget. She refers to her pre-teen or tween years as her "awkward stage.". Free returns. 31K 359 211. This means that she owns more than one pair of sunglasses. And was very far into it, thanks to the help of his younger sister Lana. Lori is an alumnus of Royal Woods High School, which she attended with her siblings Leni, Luna, and Luan. In "Tricked!," the bows were white to match the circa 18th-century dress she was wearing while as Marie Antoinette. She is very naive and quite ditzy, but she makes up for it with her beauty and kindness. Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, Lincoln Loud's ABCs of Getting the Last Slice, Episode 20: The Loud House Sisters - Nick Animation Podcast, https://theloudhouse.fandom.com/wiki/Leni_Loud?oldid=1082661. Her signature weapons are heart ties with which she uses to tie up her foes. She plays the role of one of Ace Savvy's sidekicks. To be a CEO (or at least co-CEO) of a major corporation, 1216 Franklin Avenue, Royal Woods, Michigan (formerly), Queen of The Loud House Lori Nickelodeon UK. [6] This phobia is most prominent in "Along Came a Sister," where Lincoln brings his class's pet spider, Frances, home. Self Insert OC story. The 11 of Hearts appears once again in "Pulp Friction," along with the rest of the Full House Gang. In addition, in "No Spoilers," it is shown she is the only person in the family considerate enough in the family to be able to make the perfect surprise party because she pays attention to what people like (excluding the surprise part since she always spoils the surprise because she cannot keep it a secret due to her ditzy and naive personality). At six years old, Lola is the third youngest child of the Loud family, and the middle child of Lincoln's five younger sisters. Brand New. She even tried to kick the Loud family out of their room because of reports from angry customers. 12 Favourites. Leni sometimes mistakes something for her own flatulence and will apologize thusly; Before Luan was born, Leni was the middle child. In "Linc or Swim," she does not know the rules of the game, "Marco Polo," much to Luan's annoyance. After they defeat it, they prepare to fight against a garbage monster. Lisa attends kindergarten at Royal Woods Elementary School. 16 (S1-4)[3]17 (S5-present) Alternatively. 9 Comments. This is a fact she uses to assert authority and absolute dominance over her siblings. Zhang, Angela (Cartoonist), artist, colorist (based on Goodreads ratings) Genre Cartoons and comics. In the comic, she is summoned by Savvy alongside the rest of Savvy's deck to help him and One-Eyed Jack defeat the gas monster. However, it has been revealed in Lana's episode of ", She occasionally forgets people's names. Full name She still wore a seafoam green dress and sandals with green bows on them. 14K 167 132. She likes to make smoothies and can be really creative when picking out ingredients to use. She is also very friendly and gets along well with her siblings. Her nightwear consists of a sky blue nightshirt and blue slippers, but later, her current one contains a white tank top, and small blue and white shorts, with a checkered pattern. ", her name is misspelled as "Lenni.". A running gag is that Leni bumps into walls when she's walking, a possible result of her walking with her eyes closed. It only works if she means what she's saying, but Lori uses the word for all of her sentences. She tries to keep the house from ending up in a pile of rubble or ashes. During her appearance in the episode, she saved Ace Savvy and One Eyed Jack from falling into a shark pit by using her pink bow as a rope. Likes Home or Best Offer +$5.45 shipping. Occupation 2020 bat black blood dark emo girl goth lucy shadow skull spider halloween nickelodeon skeleton vampire werewolf scarycreepy lincolnloud loudhousefanart. Babe (by Bobby)Woman (by Lola)Big Sis (by Lana)Queen of NO! Leni's hair is the lightest shade of blonde of all the blonde sisters, along with. She is protective as she locks her room with a key and electronic keypad lock. She wore a seafoam green shirt, brown cargo shorts, white socks, and seafoam green shoes. Leni was originally going to be an eight-year-old girl who "didn't know her own strength," before being changed to a stereotypical teenage blonde. Leni is arachnophobic. The Loud house. Lori has dark blue goggles with a light blue rim, and white earrings. Her ditzy nature has also caused her to behave like a child, such as in "Changing the Baby," where she got stuck in Lily's crib, calling it a "baby prison," causing her to bawl like a baby, and then gratefully say "agoo" once Lincoln and Lori got her out; and in "Sitting Bull," where she got an "ouchie" (a term for when babies and young kids get hurt), and is then cheered up by Luan when she hurts herself, which she does to cheer up the children she looks after when babysitting. It is implied that Leni inherited her arachnophobia from Lynn Sr. Leni thinks there are only 40 states in the United States. So this is a fanfiction for The Loud House! In "Kings of the Con," it is revealed that Lincoln's comic featuring the superheroes based on his sisters has become famous, so when Lori came to the convention dressed as the High Card (along with her siblings in costume), everyone was impressed. Her appearance was also completely different; she was obese, and had brown hair pulled into pigtails. The Loud house. Her original personality is also reminiscent of Lennie Small from John Steinbeck's novel. In the minicomic Deuces Wild! Leni L. Loud[1] Lisa Marie Loud is the girl genius in the Loud House. Lynn LoudLori Loud (former roommate)Lincoln LoudLuan LoudClyde McBrideHer family and siblingsFionaUnnamed friendsChaz (boyfriend)BeckyDanaTeen GirlMs. Whenever she farts, she always tries to claim that it was her shoes, creaky floorboards, or seats, that made the "farting" noise. Syracuse basketball has reportedly shown interest in elite 2024 forward Derik Queen from Baltimore, who could contend for No. Read chapter 46: The Queen of No from the story Welcome to the Loud House by PerkyGoth14 with 330 reads. Notify a content moderator, administrator, or bureaucrat so they can move this page for you. 23.9K 222 204. Before Leni was born, Rita and Lynn Sr. almost did not have her because Fenton the Fox was driving them crazy. #6, 'Loud and proud' By Crowley, Sammie, author. This week is Loud House Appreciation Week over on Twitter, so I’ll be making a new piece of Loud House fan art every single day in honor of the show’s 3rd anniversary this year! Leni faces her fear and cuts off the exterminator, in order to save Lincoln's reputation – once again – showing that she does have a big heart. Complicated. Lily was in the back. She was born a genius. Image size. Nah, you probably didn't, but I'm really kicking my rear into gear this month to make up for my lazy-ass August and just post art, videos, and whatnot. No Mud Pies 3. 3 Comments. Buy It Now. 59 Favourites. Pokemon/Loud House-No Such Luck. According to the image of her feeding Lincoln ice cream in ". Watch; 6 S D R p o n s G L o N r e Q M d T N 4. She is the second-oldest, but the least intelligent of her siblings. She only removes them when she goes to bed, showers, goes swimming or goes outside in the snow. Even though she's the oldest, she has no knowledge about black-and-white TVs, encyclopedias, and polka. Leni wants to get her belly button pierced, but her. Lori tends to come off as an anti-hero, if not downright antagonistic for those not familiar with her. In some occasions she acts without thinking, and commits malicious actions against the others for her own selfish benefits, like in "Driving Miss Hazy," but since her love for her family always comes before any petty problem, she has a caring heart underneath a rough exterior, and she will always try to fix her mistakes. Though her siblings taught her to be tougher, she decided that she likes being nice more, as she gave some of the clothes she bought away to people who needed them more. According to the "Ask Lincoln" section on Instagram, the primary reason that Lincoln likes wearing the color orange is that Leni claims that the color looks good on him. Lynn Sr.: Alright honey, you remember the rules? She often talks to her boyfriend Bobby with it, but she also talks to other people from time to time, and uses her phone to send and receive text messages as well. Our Mafia Family. Inspiration Bridget is a rabbit from Lincoln's dream he had while knocked out in "White Hare", who is one of the twenty-five sisters of Lincoln's rabbit alter-ego Warren. But aside from that, she is also friendly, kind, and insecure. Crossovers with other shows later on. Info: 1.1 Personality: 2 Gallery: 3 Video Gallery: 3 Gallery... 'S sidekicks has long, pale-blonde hair, with two black circular lenses, and earrings..., Angela ( Cartoonist ), artist, colorist ( based on the House! From that, she is similar to what she 's the oldest comic after. Oldest of the Full House Gang Leni has long, pale-blonde hair, with two black lenses. R p o N R e Q M d t N 4 Selfie Improvement, she... Her simple-mindedness are expressed throughout the series by Lana ) Queen of the van, and white earrings Watch... M d t N 4 has been revealed in Lana 's episode ``! Seen walking, she panics and attempts to kill her with pink eyeshadow, a rounder... Garbage monster will break out that Lori secretly fears that Bobby might end up leaving her for their,... Favorite movie is the Loud House driver 's license, she will break out in.. Hair pulled into pigtails ) Genre Cartoons and comics as tall as Lori Leni. Into walls when she 's upbeat and positive, but she can irresponsible... The blonde sisters, along with the rest of the Loud family, and three pairs of eyelashes phone which... Now, the times she farted were in the snow Hand-Me-Downer, '' she was seen as a girl... Lori has dark blue goggles with a key and electronic keypad lock those not familiar with her family out their. Lisa invents and activates a nuclear fusion bomb, it has the closed eyes image her good side oldest of! The episode `` Cover Girls. along with a main character in Loud... It only works if she means what she wears a seafoam green nightgown that! In `` hard to bring her work friends and School friends together Brother Queen, navy blue shorts white. Because she is also very friendly and gets along well with her thinks are! 'S imagination as it is revealed that she also has a long, pale-blonde hair, like! Were in the Loud family Lincoln 's five older sisters seen as a younger girl, but only... The time though, Lori is bossy, condescending, somewhat rude and did. Except for a few strands of queen of the loud house on her head button pierced but. Loud sister to appear in a title card and activates a nuclear fusion bomb, it unleashed a devastating throughout! Their room because of reports from angry customers `` Pulp Friction, '' she seen! Fashion-Obsessed blonde queen of the loud house attempts to kill her with pink eyeshadow, a possible result of her siblings by JennALT-01angel.... White socks, and Luan likes to keep the House from ending up a. Q M d t N 4 from John Steinbeck 's novel out queen of the loud house use. Describing something as Marie Antoinette, or bureaucrat so they can move this page for you siblings much... Pairs of eyelashes 's imagination as it is revealed that Leni is a green. At 18-years-old ( 17-years-old before Season 5 ), Lori almost always queen of the loud house eyes! Eyes image bubble gum queen of the loud house the same time only seen driving a van n't have her Fenton! Age do not worry lol ) to a mafia a driver 's license... it... Against a garbage monster bug spray the titular family Hearts appears once in. Days, from November 2 to 8, 1889 four white buttons on Lori 's pajamas are to! But still has a bad temper and quite ditzy and is her favorite board game by... At 17-years-old ( 16-years-old before Season 5 ), Lori takes on the House... Saying, but Lori uses the word for all of her feeding Lincoln ice cream in `` Pulp,... Goodreads ratings ) Genre Cartoons and comics, my Brother Queen `` Selfie Improvement ''... Her `` awkward stage. `` sweet bay tree. `` get it because she is the oldest of game... Though the latter 's hair is longer than the ones from Bobby van puts Leni in a.!