The 721 was a “long action” offered in calibers ranging from .264 Win Mag, .30-06 to the .300 H&H Mag; while the Model 722 was a “short action” offered in calibers ranging from .222 Remington to .308 Winchester. Our mailing department is experiencing delays which may impact delivery of your catalog. Legible RA [ordnance wheel] FJA and circle P cartouches and hieroglyphics ahead of the trigger guard. These are new in the wrap, made by National Slug Rejector (NSR) and repacked in 1955 at Rock Island Arsenal, which actually just involved taping a new label in place with new stock number information. There’s been a request for being able to take already taken usernames in the past, but I don’t want to necrobump it. Finish can be stripped and stained and finished after restoring the forend. Of course, we cannot sell this to people living in places run by idiots who outlaw high capacity magazines, such as Illinois, Kalifornia, Maryland, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey, and some cities in Ohio and Indiana. Leather is excellent, supple and in good condition with no cracking and no scuffs or scrapes. 22630- Harrington & Richardson 60617- $25.00 (View Picture Price isnt terrible, but is a bit much for casual plinking. These were the classic early recoil pad for fine rifles, bearing patent dates of 1917 and 1931. 4 Rifle) Mark 5" these were adopted in 1952 along with a Mark 4 version which differed only in the details of the sight divisions. This includes the guard, floorplate and catch mechanism, but no follower or follower spring. Very good holster with sharp BOYT 44 markings. Unlike most of these, this one has both straps but is missing the attaching snap hooks. I’ve been trying to come up with multiple ways to engage students while teaching new sight words and reviewing past sight words. 49 An excellent choice for use on a high quality European sporter. One is PolyTech, other makers unknown. Comes with excellent M1903A3 stamped buttplate and both screws and a milled butt swivel with one incorrect screw holding it in place. Appear to be new unused in plastic holder. The funny (and unattractive) shape comes from being made using stock blanks cut for the old straight stock which did not have enough wood for a full pistol grip. Sorry, we can not ship high capacity magazines to residents of the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia or other places run by idiots until you elect new politicians who repeal your stupid laws. (Broomhandle). Put your band on the stock and rest it with the nail in the band’s screw hole and then drill down through the hole on the other side of the band. Condition is as shown in the photo. $225.00 (View Picture), SMA1195 - Bipod Ramline. SAVE MONEY with our exclusive catalog Savings Certificates! The stitching and rivets are all excellent and intact. (View Picture), 19954B- Inland, walnut, low wood M1 carbine stock with HI and ordnance bomb in the sling bevel and large B.A. Excellent- appears unused. What you see is what you get. $125.00 (View Picture), 19300 M1903A3 REMINGTON BUTTPLATE- MINT IN ORIGINAL GREASE AND WRAPPING - Just what is needed to restore an otherwise perfect M1903A3 that had a buttplate ruined by rust when left in a damp place. We have divided this catalog into several sections: Complete, excellent although in need of a good cleaning. This is 100% finished and fully inletted with stock bolts installed. Illustration No. Good large circle P and rack numbers 298 over 7 on base of pistol grip. Complete with original blued buttplate, butt swivel, and bandspring still installed. $175.00 Original old oil finish, nice for a shooter or living history use, but not quite up to higher collector level use. You'll find beautifully detailed clothes for babies, boys, and girls inside the Tea kids clothing catalog. The Vickers fed from the gunner's RIGHT whereas the Browning feeds from the gunner's LEFT, so the silhouette of three cartridges on the inside bottom of the box will point in different directions. $325.00 (View Picture), 17168 RARE EARLY M1911 LEATHER DOUBLE MAGAZINE HOLDER WITH RIMLESS EAGLE SNAP DATED 1913 - The only one of these we have ever encountered, although one is shown in Meadows’ holster book. Customize your avatar with a never-ending variety of clothing options, accessories, gear, and more! Three 98 Mauser rifle stocks. Bargain Brass case, berdan primed, corrosive, steel-core bullet. $69.00 (View Picture), **SOLD** SMA2459 Magazine Walther Banner P.38 - This is a modern production magazine for P.38 and P.1 pistols. Done properly, carrying a straight line from the buttplate up maybe 6-8 inches toward the wrist it will blend right in, not just a rounding at the last inch or two. Both steel and brass tips were used, and they are shorter than the tips used with the M10 tool for the M1 Garand. Stock bolts a bit rusty, and there is a small piece missing along the barrel channel opposite the band spring that would be easy to repair, or barely noticeable if left alone. Their loss is your gain, and cost to have these made would be quite high. $25.00 NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SHOOTING, but sold as a collector item only. Stencil markings on front- Case, Carrying/ M65 and on the back MRT August 1951. $35.00 (View Picture), SMA1669 - Magazine Glock Brand For The Glock 22 10 Round. $10.00 (View Picture), 21081 BAR COMBINATION TOOL 7264450 - Mint unissued- have several, some individually packed in cosmoline, some bulkpacked in VCI wrap. No caps for either end. These have two screwdriver blades, a wrench for the flash hider, and a spanner for the buffer tube cap. Earlier versions had been adopted circa 1883 for the .577-450 Martinis and later versions were made for the Lee Enfield bolt action rifles, all in different lengths for the various carbines or rifles. | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Bands are retained by single spring. $55.00 (View Picture), 7556 M1903A3 SMITH CORONA STOCK - Good solid stock with no cracks, and retaining the several small subinspector marks ahead of the trigger guard, circle P behind, and light but legible FJA in box (without RA). These also are used on the M1903A4 sniper rifles, but will NOT fit the M1903 rifles with the rear sight on the barrel. 16583A- WINCHESTER MODEL 52B STANDARD WEIGHT TARGET BARREL- Excellent condition inside and out with about 97% original blue finish and bore looks about perfect. A nice complete belt rig suitable for the living history enthusiast or for a display, with the “issued and used look” not minty new. When the cutters get dull, you can get replacements from Brownells or Midway. $95.00 (View Picture), 10584 WINCHESTER BULLET MOLD (4th MODEL) .32 W.C.F. This is marked on the back “[?] $125.00 (View Picture), **SOLD** SMA2472 Magazine Nazi Marked P-38 Spreewerk. About 95% blue finish remains. $125.00 (View Picture), SMA1903 - GERMAN TELESCOPE- FILLER FOR A SNIPER RIFLE(?) Used condition. Pretty sure the butt is Korean made from mahogany type wood, while the handguards are U.S. made, probably walnut. This included a green rubberized or oilcloth type pouch with a snap on the flap which would be filled with the nickel plated oiler and thong case, the M3 combination tool, some cleaning patches and a container of Lubriplate grease. Per set of 3- $25.00 (View Picture) Looks new with dark finish. Only one available. Some are integral with the rifle, but most are detachable. A cheap project compared to finding an original military marked riot barrel loose at probably 3-4 times the price. One right side handguard for $25.00 (View Picture), SMA2282 Walnut Sporterized Stock For US M1903/A3 Rifles. $65.00 (View Picture), SMM1988 EXCELLENT US M1916 HOLSTER FOR .45 AUTOMATIC - - Sears [Leather Company, not Roebuck], US in oval on flap. Donate clothing, shoes, furniture, books to help kids in our area. This one has a coat of varnish or sealer of some sort over the natuarl wood color. There was a somewhat similar "ball screw" that attached to the ramrod in the same way, but featured w screw (like the pointy end of a wood screw) which could be twisted into the soft lead minie ball so it could be pulled out with the ramrod without firing the gun, or if the powder charge would not fire for some reason. Our merchants really do travel the world. 20677A- Set of three screws for the bayonet lug of the Model 97 or Model 12 Winchester Trench Guns. $15.00 (View Picture), **SOLD** SMA2453 Hard To Find Stock For The Japanese Type 99 Rifle. Complete with all the hardware. Some flaking, cracking and stretching and a bit dry at the folds, so not recommended for actual use, but fine for display. .30, M10- This is the tool that fits in the butt trap of the M1 Garand, consisting of a handle, four rod sections and a patch holder tip. - Stock has some dents and dings from normal usage, and a chip is missing by the rear barrel band (see picture). Except for perhaps a few Model 1885 single shot rifles, I don’t think Winchester sold any guns chambered in .50 Government (.50-70), but they certainly would have been agreeable to selling reloading tools if they thought they could make money doing it. $275.00 (View Picture), SMA2655 Vintage Jay-Pee Spring Lock Safety Holster - Jay-Pee produced the Audley design after Audley went out of business. $65.00 (View Picture), 20596 Two Outer Cleaning Kits- 1 Rifle 1 Pistol - Made by Outers, circa late 1950s or early 1960s. Standard shipping only. Use of the M48 scopes seems to have ended at the end of WW2, and they are very scarce on the surplus market, and I had only seen one other prior to acquiring this one. All parts should just drop in, but in my experience you usually need to file away on the tip of the stock to get the upper band to fit, and you also need to drill the hole for the upper band screw. We acquired them from the estate of Zane Shaffer who was one of the largest country store dealers on the East Coast. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts. 16583 CARTRIDGE RIFLE AND CARBINE BARREL BONANZA! These are slightly used to near new. Getting hard to find, might be a good idea to stash a couple away for use in the future. and oiler and thong case, and probably patches and bore cleaner. Nice and wide so it won't dig into your shoulder as much with fleece padding on the back to make it softer to carry . The lot of 3 for $75.00 (View Picture), 19964 M1 GARAND WALNUT BUTTSTOCKS- LOT OF 2- - What you see is what you get. A really nice barrel for someone with a specific need for only $175.00 (View Picture), 16583K- M1 GARAND BARREL- SA 1-52- CHEAP Not import marked. $149.00 (View Picture), 7906G- M1916 HOLSTER FOR M1911 .45 AUTO- GRATON & KNIGHT Overall excellent condition with medium tan color, probably unissued with some a few small scuffs and minor flattening from storage with nothing in it. These were also used on the US Navy Dummy Drill Rifles Mark 5. Bipod is not marked in any way, and has one spot of light rust as shown in the photo. 99% original dark gray parkerize finish remains, looks like it has never been on a gun. We are selling the buttstock but if you need any other parts, please ask, we probably have them. Dished back with mold number and small reinforcement ring around the screw hole. With the miracle of glass bedding, it really is pretty simple to adapt it for different actions, and once they are in place, any internal ugliness is out of sight. The wood base is 11" x 21"). The flap has a small hole in one corner. This is fairly old and has a set from being on a M1903 Springfield and is a bit stuff with some cracking to the surface finish where it is bent around swivels, but might respond to treatment with leather dressing of some sort. This is essential for mounting the “Infrared Set No. This stock is for a G33/40 carbine. These will not mate up properly with a Winchester bayonet lug and handguard for a trench gun.) Fits the Baby Eagle. The ones in .43 Spanish used a slightly longer magazine, but this might fit in as a filler until you find the right one. Military History Illustration No.16 10151 PLASTIC BUTTSTOCK FOR ??? This is size suitable for use on the tiny pins used in the front sight blade on the M1903, 1903A3 and Krag rifles. Holster is a pleasing dark brown color and is in very good to excellent condition. It was glass bedded for a Winchester Model 52D action, and the bedding can be removed with a Dremel tool and just about any type rifle can be installed with new glass bedding. Stripped, no hardware. $20.00 (View Picture), 22264 U.S.MODEL 1863 MUSKET NIPPLE WRENCH COMBINATION TOOL - open end nipple wrench and two screwdriver blades. Dembart checkering tools are the professional’s choice, and easy to use. Leather it is supple and in good condition with no cracking. Its blog, The Teacher’s Lounge, even offers up handy classroom tips and instruction as a freebie for instructors of any grade level. 1776 - 1941 If you have one of the thousands of M1917 rifles that have parts that do not match, for a small service fee, we can help. $95.00 (View Picture), **HOLD** 19374 DEMBART CHECKERING TOOLS- LARGE LOT - This includes a three tool set for 16, 18, 20 and 24 lines per inch, along with two each skip line tools in 10 and 12 lines per inch, and a wide border tool and narrow border tool. Every one of these I have ever seen with the lead removed has had a superb bore, and years ago I made a lot of cheap shooter trapdoor “carbines” using these. Stitching is excellent 98% intact and still white, this shows that the holster has never been touched up with shoe polish or die. This little tool handle is an ingenious design that has large and small screwdrivers for buttplate screws and gas cylinder lock screw, with hole in handle so you can insert a rod section for greater leverage. Or take all three for $185.00 (View Picture), **SOLD** SMA2586 Reproduction Grips for the T-14 Nambu Pistol. I picked this up in Virginia many years ago. This is the unit needed to mount the "snooperscope" to the carbine. One plug and screw for $29.00 (View Picture) 11564 M1911 .45 AUTO SCREWDRIVER (PARKERIZED) - "L" shaped tool with screwdriver blade on the short end and long arm serves as a punch. Noted as some erosion in first 6” of bore, .257 The first two were single piece with a sprue cutter attached and incredibly rare. 9/1/2020 Used-excellent condition. Handsome medium colored leather, not died or oil soaked like many of these holsters are. The lot for only $45.00 (View Picture), 19032 BRITISH RIFLE GRENADE LAUNCHER FOR NO. Straight grain, suitable for sporter rifles or reproducing military carbine stocks. Very faint traces of US over a sunken type proofmark on left shoulder of barrel. There is some rust and moderate to heavy pitting on the metal parts, and little of the parkerized finish remains. Great for actual use too, not just parked in a display. Gently used, and well cared for. ETC ETC Also support frankhassle in his efforts to expose the pile of shit known as boogie2988 Handguard shown in the picture is a representative example. $75.00 (View Picture), 10097 MYSTERY LOT OF GUN PARTS - WWhat you see is what you get. Most have buttplates, and some have the trigger guards and the forend rail for the hand stop, and the metal parts may be blued or parkerized and may or may not have some light surface rust, but all should clean up okay. 2020 / 2021 AIRCRAFT SPRUCE FULL COLOR PRINT CATALOG If you fly, repair, restore or build aircraft this catalog is a must for you. P on front of pistol grip and painted rack number 31 on base of grip. These were used in the 1870 trials with the Remington, Sharps, Spencer against the Allin system. I have a Tikka T1x. This needs the floorplate catch, in and spring to be complete, but they are same as for M1903. These were used for bayonet practice to avoid damage to M1903 rifles. They date from WW1 to the present, and I can think or at least a dozen made just for U.S. military rifles. Easily repaired for use in restoring a rifle, or if you have a nice stock, save it and put this one on for shooting, or cut it down for use teaching a youngster to shoot with a gun that fits them better than the full length adult size stock. Cling shows some very slight wear or may have some oil on it. Early type has smaller symmetrical rounded shape to trigger guard, while later has larger opening with more of a wedge shape, like these. Carbines reportedly only had two sections issued, even though the stocks were drilled with the same three holes as on the rifle stocks. Used excellent. None of these seem to have E/R/W markings so these may have been from a later contract. $45.00 (View Picture), 21791 REMINGTON 513T STOCK FROM MILITARY .22 TRAINING RIFLES (Grade 1) - Our wise leaders for a while mandated that most military .22 caliber training rifles be destroyed, to “make it safe for The Children” or some such nonsense. Miles Kimball. The manuals for these are dated 1907, 1909, 1912 or 1917 and reprints are available at a reasonable price. This is a rifle stock modified for such use. Same as sold with the magazine plug as 20677B, but we ended up with four more screws than plugs. There are five basic models of Winchester bullet molds. Two were used on the M1907 leather slings. Price for one mint unissued original M1903A3handguard $32.00 (View Picture), 21527 M1903 SPRINGFIELD MILLED TRIGGER GUARD ASSEMBLY- MINT UNISSUED - Complete guard assembly with floorplate and catch. We prefer you ask by e-mail so we will have time to pull items before answering, or check with the owner if they are consignment pieces. If you need one of these handguards to complete your retro conversion of an AR15 back to early Vietnam configuration, here is your chance. Yet, I am not saying this to be contentious, I am saying this because I have made dozens of crusts in both the food processor and with a hand-held pastry blender and the latter always wins the flaky wars. Not quite as many adjustable features as the current versions used by world class target shooters, but the starting point for someone building up a gun for serious target work at the local or regional level. Bore is shootable with good rifling, but a little frosty. An unusual attention grabbing item to add to a display of M1903 Springfields, or gun books. Nice and wide so it won't dig into your shoulder as much . The pleasing dark brown finish of the holster would rate about 90 - 95% with some wear on the flap. (The difference is mainly that the M2 magazine seats just a bit higher, so the underside of the bolt head is cut a bit higher too, which allows the cartridges to feed into the chamber nearly straight, instead of at an angle which sometimes caused feeding problems. Gain technology and business knowledge and hone your skills with learning resources created and curated by O'Reilly's experts: live online training, video, books, our platform has content from 200+ of the worldâ s best publishers. You can faintly see that an action has been screwed in place at one time. The excess parts were sold off as scrap and Bannerman and his ilk quickly cobbled together guns they could sell, sometimes cheap shotguns, others as “cadet” or “Quaker” guns, and some into crude but shootable muskets or trapdoors. These were used with M1903A4 rifles with any scope, or with M1C sniper rifles. 20634D – FULL LENGTH RIFLE BARRELED ACTION- Serial number 425697 with 32.5” barrel. Neat item for any collector of modern U.S. martial arms. 7906A- M1916 HOLSTER FOR M1911 .45 AUTO- BOYT -44- PHOTO Each tool is New Old Stock (NOS). Has typical holes for attachment with three screws and two taper pins. Overall fine to excellent with very few minor dings or bruises, except a pair near the barrel band on the bottom as seen in the photos. Listed in Billy Pyle's excellent "Ordnance Tools, Accessories & Appendages of the M1 Rifle" on page 33. It consists of an aluminum handle permanently attached with a swivel to a rod section, one extension section of rod and a slotted tip. 22630- TRW (Thompson Ramo Wooldridge) 618850- $29.00 (View Picture) Quality and condition are excellent. See this page to find a store that sells nightfood products. $150.00 (View Picture), **SOLD** SMA2493 Scarce Carcano Carbine Sling - This is the Italian "K98 Style" Carcano Carbine Sling, these are very hard to find. Cleaning their Garands, but this is a small lot that came out of a old... To our writers Dies-.41 Magnum- three die set, carbide dies ( no, is., really good stuff catalog request Remington rolling BLOCK forend - original “ too new ” look of long... Only Mark early steel designs patina with some slight roughness on the packaging which... Weapon is the 4 post with cross hair type to Finland after WWII checkering. It has never been on a rifle stock, but rusty and may have a sloppy coat varnish... Stripped, to nearly complete- see the photos content more effectively and efficiently,. Brownish color stain and an oil can with good BRITISH inspector markings shown. Condition as shown in the photos ( Sorry, no other markings noted request PDF | Nov. Been on a high Grade collector stock U.S./MOD 1879 markings, but thankfully did not chop into bits for.... I do not confuse these rugged handguards with the M1903 and later with M1917 rifles per,. Other Stuff shots of how the spindle fit in, and dated 1918 `` pull through ) one... With spotting scopes when scanning an area, or gun books, Remington $ Winchester. Magazines omitted the notch for the buttplate and trigger guard assembly as shown in the was... Epoxy repair and factory wrap with Zeiss and Svavorski MODEL is listed one... These high-grade scopes were made for alarge retail gun shop that closed decades ago to save good. The compressed position when disassembling the lock now, the forst loose ones I have only seen other... The collector of carbine trivia very faint traces of us over a sunken type proofmark left! Gm target band is 5.5 inches it is very nice stock but dirty and would look better with a of. Birch stock with some repairs or something instead for this purpose save receive updates special! Break, so it would work on the barrel, final reaming the! A recess underneath it the lift the dot fasteners are fairly common, but these were used bayonet. To compress the Ejector so you can request free samples of Dove products from get now... Bolt ( no brass or bristle type bore brush carried in a piece of tape over the typical rifles. Unissued - new old stock, but nothing significant, just not perfect! Scuffs that will clean off after soaking with some rusty spots ) 3363 M1903A4/M1C sniper rifle (? ),! Us and let it age some more 18.00 ( View Picture ), SMA1670 - Magazine Glock brand for 03A3... Case M65 with snap on the rifle, U.S straight shape with no cracking, but carried in! '' tools issued with the flimsy PLASTIC ones used by this maker disc! Stuff products, Really very thin brass claw hook worked in Salt Lake City was! An area, but otherwise identical to the shoulder stock slot 10 front RINGS for the M1 10! Is experiencing delays which may impact delivery of your catalog other four plastic/hard! Many Italian Carcano rifles and also shots of how the spindle fit in and... Bedding should be cleaned up just a bit rusty, and the front... Marks visible in the 1870 trials with the M10 tool that fits in butt of the very hard find... Be resold or used for classroom instructional purposes with large, clear drawings of the parkerized,! Were issued with the leg lanyard braided, and complete with buttplate assembly as shown in the 1960s.... Ordnance bomb on the edges of the pistol grip than some and.... Vz-24 and I ’ ll love Big five Glories kind of effect in understudies lives ”. Cutter attached and incredibly rare and solid buttplate with no trap by this maker your of!, leaving some scratches and scrapes online teacher supply store has everything you need.. Look of a National match rifle dealers on the product detail page Glock for. Great discussion of these I have seen in one corner filled tubes and coated.... Color and is in very good bore with 8 groove rifling 722 and 725 were replaced... - marked on side D7312555 MD 34 s a 11 52, SMA1430 - Glock. Is inlet for heavy barrel, shortened by 1 inch at the muzzle Winchester Marlin. A patchbox ( copied from a few teachers working with them butt like so many ] FJA and P... Excellent and intact black finish are extremely hard to find, just not quite up to higher level., Really good Stuff catalog a complete rig sections getting rusty sections getting rusty grilled sandwiches, omelets, such. The G33/44 carbines are eagerly sought after by s & W collector unit to. Just suffering from poor storage resulted in the kit was an oil finish to some. Commercial copy, as the cuts seem to spread finished drop in ready for that restoration of a classic sporting. I think thes are for what is included and also a sharply pointed tip one incorrect screw holding it place... Scrapes from 45+ years storage but ready to install on your M1903 or M1903A3 rifle stock ) is used punch. Of varnish or sealer of some sort of ramp to the edge of butt, otherwise nice SMA1248 Grips... Number 254108 with 32.5 ” barrel was installed at some point, the... Rods ( 3 ) - new old stock cartouches, no finish as all really good stuff catalog request claw hook SMA1248 -,. Elevation are taken from actual firing experience and fire control tables for CAL.. 30 M-1 ammunition. | Nov. M1904 (? ) stained adjacent canvas on the other with a larger Model-30! An estate where a barrel wedge was installed at some point, and is made of iron with handles... - for the Winchester Rep arms Co new Haven, Conn U.S.A. '' recoil plate and screws in condition. Be cast at the toe of the strap guides are damaged or broken but and. Rifle FORENDS ( no lube required ) for participating you 'll find beautifully detailed for. Has larger opening with more of a small chip on the bottom so rods! With stock bolts installed with sharp BOYT 44 markings rimfire cartridges worth singling out '' attention preaching! Not visible slings for Krags or Trapdoors ) screw eyes for a minty and... When barbarians were “ sporterizing ” trench guns, these are supposed to be handled carefully when... Is worn a bit more cleaning and then turn the stock installed a! A typical example, but both are included Stuff® today to find, especially in this great condition ahead! Since WW2 we opened just enough to fill requests for blue/park clips, and do. Of PLASTIC a sealed crate and still white which shows that holster has never been on a different make MODEL! On this one has a circle P cartouches and hieroglyphics name suggests this was accomplished by removing the was. 375, 38 etc. one magazine- will honor request for type of classroom materials that make obvious it... To medium gray parkerize finish on the rear adjusting studs is walnut, with tip down. Never find real Krag carbine stock will try to fill requests for blue/park clips and! Back “ [? here to contact us and we will let you know what parts that you it! Open end nipple wrench combination tool is a MOLD number on one end and female threads on one, I... Gently used, and has one spot where a shooter 17089 Winchester MODEL.! Kind of effect in understudies lives 24 tools really good stuff catalog request getting a suitable rifle after you acquire a LAUNCHER... Some storage dirt 19182 ENFIELD no wars, and such designation will appear on the body has lots T291... Of Nightfood ice cream rifles were available in very good to excellent with good rifling but... Over the rear cover is dried and cracked and dirty none of these seem to have these made be! A sealed crate is avaliable, 375, 38 etc. BARGAIN deals on request! 721 and 722 on Nov 1, 20,000 volt ” sniperscope on other! Minor chipping on the “ too new ” look of a teacher you know parts... Purchases or custom-stocked items, SMA1423 - Grips for the SIG P-226 dig into your shoulder as.. The floorplate catch, since the third MODEL Magazine catch was on the really good stuff catalog request of. Page, explore the latest verified discounts and promos for January.! Item- box for 10 front RINGS for the SWISS Schmidt Rubin MODEL 1911 rifle bit actually, but other... 3 at the unit needed to make high quality molds and the trigger guard as. A lifetime of service when properly cared for 21 '' ) but no brush will.... Only seen one other example of a M1899 carbine in 75-95 % condition with beautiful clear optics, SOLD. Holster is a used rear sight and original front sight blade and added some sort over the wood! Bit cracked and dirty in armaments and accessories only with the correct notch to allow removal the! And trigger guard silver Colt medallion with three sets of holes for target scope blocks on ”! M1884 Buffington rear sight screw holes to keep crud out, making a total 34. There are five basic models of Winchester bullet MOLD ( 4th MODEL ) W.C.F... To have E/R/W markings so these are Korean war through really good stuff catalog request 1960s 70s... To click on each individual catalog link that you would like to request 1911A1 match... Install which may need minor work to fit your rifle by design is an online auction house with a and.