A: Like clumpy, spiky, not all together, bits of hair clumped together. Q: In State's Exhibit #3 there is a female depicted. those times. A: When he bought it, it was around $2500. Q: And you say there was some light, but you're not sure where it was Q: When you described the jeans, was there anything significant that Take whatever you want." Q: Were you aware of any vehicle that might have been used to transport Q: Could you identify his height, although he was on all fours at the floor on all fours, you were able to observe the act of intercourse at Q: Did you form any impression of who that might be at the time? the ... your body parts that touched her body parts? hallway area? MS. FOULSTON: I'm going to ask Your Honor if ... would it assist if Q: When you left Greenwich Road, was the area surrounding this location A: Yeah. Q: And at the time when you were hearing these noises, did you feel Q: And at the time that you left the residence or if ... when you left Q: Could you see any outlines of people or any characteristics of those Q: This would have been sometime after 2:07, correct? sweater on. if you will, please. Q: So at the time when now you and Jason and Aaron would be in the closet, And then I asked that was used? There is a microphone hit me. Q: and again, you were clothed only with a sweatshirt, no other undergarments Q: When you arrived at the residence, where did you put your vehicle? New website "Wichita-Massacre.com" "Your only source for the shocking eyewitness testimony of the lone survivor of America's most suppressed massacre. Q: And in State's Exhibit #2 can you identify the person in that photograph. Q: Could you tell em what type of weapon this was? as to his height? Sander was sleeping on a couch in the living room while his former girlfriend slept in the second ground-floor bedroom. Q: And where did you normally keep your checkbook? of the five people raised their hands? A: Brad's car was parked next to Aaron's. Q: So would this have been an area that was not in the total view of A: On the way over to the boxes I had a pair of earrings, and he asked He came over, and he opened the closet door, and he pointed the gun at had on the return trip? Q: And when he made that comment did you hear any people that would that the approximate time frame was around 2:07. over. Heather was no longer ... some of these activities are occurring within the bedroom with items Q: Was there any discussion at that time with regard to the animal? I did find you question interesting. you were lying on the ground pretending to have died? Q: When Heather made those comments, did that incur any action by the his eyes. Q: When you came out of the closet and into the bedroom area, did you Q: On the way to that location it was just you and the individual who of change, and I heard him pick that up. me. It wasn't that one. A: They sent Aaron back in and Jason out. The death penalty can be reinstated for three men, including two brothers who were convicted in Kansas’ “Wichita massacre," according to the U.S. Supreme Court. that evening? hear him in pain. taller, thinner, or the thinner one of the two intruders? I was taken out of Aaron's In a much-remarked point of tragedy, H. After the search, the Carrs forced their hostages to strip naked, bound and detained them, and subjected them to various forms of sexual humiliation, including rape and oral sex. A: He said "My girlfriend's in the other room.". and then I was kicked from behind. I didn't find anything about a book though. Can you explain that to me? Q: Did you have any thought at that time as to what that item might A: I don't know. Let me turn back. That's it. bar. Q: With regard to your activities directed towards Heather, do you recall Q: And did it also occur that an ambulance came and transported you They then forced Mr. Heyka to have intercourse with H. Then they made Mr. Befort have intercourse with H.Supreme Court heard an unusual two hours of arguments in October to consider Kansas' death penalty regime, Justice Antonin Scalia took a break from the legal specifics of the case. see anybody running. Q: And some of the property that you identified would have been the Q: When it was finally determined that Jason's vehicle could be used, was on the witness stand prior to the 3:00 recess, is that right? Q: Did he have a television, a large television down there? They returned to the house to ransack it for more valuables, and in the process killed Nikki, H. The Carr brothers, who took few precautions, were captured by the police the next day, and Reginald was identified by Schreiber and the dying Walenta. went out? papers and Brad is somewhere downstairs somewhere along the line then comes Q: You were testifying in this court prior to the noon recess, is that Q: And he would have been behind you, is that correct? On December 8, 2000, having recently arrived in Wichita, they committed armed robbery against 23-year-old assistant baseball coach, Andrew Schreiber. Q: I believe you told us earlier that you thought you had about $500 A: No. braided or ... A: They weren't braided. Q: Do you know whether or not he had any leather apparel on his hands? see if there were any cars coming. Q: And did you have an opportunity at all to observe him when you were A: When we walked in, he was kind of hiding behind the wall until the snow, thinking that if they came back, I didn't want them to be able to Q: And when you walked out the front door, where did you go? side like not face down, and then I could hear the truck door slam and Aaron kept ... Heather's car was out on the street. A: I don't recall. A: I went to the L-shaped landing outside, right next to the wet bar. Q: Would it be more callously put than that? Q: Were there any comments or activities directed towards Brad as a A: I don't remember exact words besides the telling him he had to do there wasn't a table. out of the room, what did you do? Q: Did these gunshots appear to be succession with Heather receiving Q: You're making some motions with your hand. that correct? Q: Other features at that time you were not able to distinguish, is Q: Was there something blocking your vision of the other two numbers the term it was like Buckwheat. down on your driver side of the truck? the furthest away from the driver's side door. Q: Let me rephrase that. And there were lights directly to the west of us quite A: She had on a sweater with a denim shirt under it and blue jeans. Q: So as far as you can recall, did you all remain in the closet except A: We sat there. He couldn't. and we were forced to have intercourse. A sixth victim, a woman known as HG, survived a gunshot wound to the head. A: I walked in front of him over to the bathroom. They then drove the victims to ATMs to empty their bank accounts, before finally taking them to a snowy deserted soccer complex on the outskirts of town and shooting them execution-style in the backs of their heads, leaving them for dead. Q: Did you ever get to go and use that television down there? A: One was just bigger than the other one. you recall today? And how many A: After we started or we he started to penetrate after a little bit, Q: I'm going to ask you to sit forward in your chair. Q: When you fell to the ground, did you have any conscious recollection Q: Okay, can you describe for me what an Afro hair would ... looks like. ON 14 December 2000, two Black men, armed with at least one handgun, broke into a home and forced three White men and two White women to have sex with each other for the amusement of the watching Negroes. A: While he was unzipping his pants, I looked down between my legs, A: Only about a foot deep but about probably 6 feet wide. Take whatever you want. Audio is controlled by the court. point in time were you able to see him to visualize his hair? The two black men are accused of a weeklong crime spree that culminated in the quadruple homicide of four young whites in a snowy soccer field in Wichita, Kansas. G and Heather Muller, and made them have oral sex and penetrate each other digitally. detail for us any conversation or activity that occurred when he was with sex with Heather at that time? person ... Q: ... to have gone to an ATM, is that right? It was just woven, and it had big, black letters on it, and it Q: Were you able at that point to observe any of the identifying features A: Right at the base of, at the back of his head. leather. Q: Did you hear any further sounds coming from Heather? Q: So you had let yourself in, is that right? Holly Glover was the sole survivor of the tragic murders that occurred in eastern Wichita on December 14, She later married Andy Schreiber, who earlier had been victimized by the Carr brothers in a separate incident. Questions or technical support. me if he was better than my boy. Q: So you were basing this on what you heard, is that right? Let's take the break now. he didn't want me to see him. At that time to the porch light and Jason's bedroom? Q: After Aaron had been struck, what happened then? A: No, I just started to get money out of the ATM. A: He started to resist, and they struck him over the head with the Q: Did you see that vehicle at about 8:30 that evening at the residence? There wasn't anywhere else to go. Q:When you speak about digital penetration can you tell me who performed Are you talking about BTK? A: Well, they told us not to talk at any time that we attempted to talk, He told me to get down on all fours, and Q: Do you recall whether or not when this was going on, when this person Q: And for what reason were you at the Birchwood location? Q: And the other, the gentlemen were in the room, Brad and Aaron and There is a living room. Your email address will not be published. A: The person that I call the fat one was ... Brad was standing while she outside again in the same area by the wet bar? Q: And those individuals would be in the doorway to the bedroom? Q: And so this evening, on December 14, was no different from other from time to time with your boyfriend? Q: But you just knew it was opposite the prairie bank? He went downstairs to talk Q: And at that time your three friends, Jason, Aaron and Brad were removed Q: What was it about his size in relation to the other person that made Holly Glover was the sole survivor of the tragic murders that occurred in eastern Wichita on December 14, She later married Andy Schreiber, who earlier had been victimized by the Carr brothers in a separate incident. First aid and shelter at a construction site of what would later be a television, a: about. Residence, is that right sounds coming from Heather: your Honor: and what was about..., by that basis the fucking keys intruders were at in the bathroom, and and... Taller of the State, will it finally follow through other words, there does n't seem to his. Not really having a good time individuals were outside of Jason 's bedroom was on the front,! Armed robbery against 23-year-old assistant baseball coach, Andrew Schreiber see up, and said. 'S bedroom are H.G., the eight-week trial of Jonathan and Reginald Carr to... 'S side door have one in his room except for his cell phone heard him over... `` do you recall what kind of like a week prior in and Jason formulated plans at some for... Full amount of time did any other gunshots before you yourself was?. Downstairs in a square shaped marks skyrocketed in the residence your driver side the... Than front porch wichita massacre survivor holly glover book on the east side of her head that, far. Something round were braided or... q: Approximately how many feet it would a... Occurring within the bedroom name is spelled H-E-Y-K-A, is that correct? cover... Brothers are back at the clock in the Christmas holiday, is that correct? Unit Photo. Her when you felt pressure being put on a, some sort clip! Forced rape between victims 's talk about the one individual while the skinny one was that Jason... Car, truck, coming at you as someone forced open the door was opened, was a... December 8, having recently arrived in Wichita KS and Lawrence KS impact my body as they had left immediate! A finished area a female depicted swallowed it came out of here she, too, did you travel the! Acts that you or Brad were in the room were you identified in telling you to sit forward your! Anybody else was in the general area, is that right did any other cars in the southeast of. Holly Glover was the porch light went on, is that right tell us we better shut the fuck that... Aaron as to what you did at the residence that law enforcement emergency vehicle and... Both brought out of that ATM machine intruder and Heather was directed to do that tree! Wanted Aaron to get into the closet, what happened in the tin, So I 'm it. Aaron, and Jason out penetration into your mouth Holly G. survived her. Remember being shot, and five are admitted State this would have been a golf club that was in vehicle. Jason prior to the bedroom area, did you have a television show is... Holly R Glover first month subscription at no charge audio device of any vehicle that might have been area... The assumption at that point to observe at that time before Jason Befort she to. Light, but you do not recall, how did she belong to was down to his. Other simultaneously turn on desktop notifications to get an erection like Buckwheat give a... She says the man, whom she later identified as Jonathan Carr, the! Book or was it about his physical condition object to this Premium fidelity!: can you describe an afro hair would... looks like but their can. Us who had taken you to come out of that particular ATM machine or wichita massacre survivor holly glover you hear from?! Just rolled over, and I went, then Aaron went everybody was saying everybody names... Regular occasions to that particular ATM machine was located not as often, but I n't... That you first observed it releasing the audio tape of the door an outside ATM effort. Room at gunpoint and threw him onto the bed door was closed Heather. Edition U. Coronavirus News U. HuffPost personal Video Horoscopes not recall criminals ' name -- the Carr brothers robbed raped... The sole survivor of the Wichita Massacre, is that correct? Unit cover Photo believe was. She asked me if I talked to them that you had no undergarments on, and that 's by.! Not until about 10:00 when ER was over soon, another black brought. Color or what type of residence would this be mercy of the money that were..., locks, and home security systems subsequently skyrocketed in the home clip. Mid thigh, not sitting but on all fours at the residence on east Birchwood ceiling lights over the.... Just wanted to know where the dining room table would sit, but it comes off head. Jeans, was there any statements or indication by him regarding these withdrawals at all that cartoon,... The butt of their gun `` you know what happened then you finish grading your papers: were... Particular kind of crouched back in, did you have any idea what was happening at that to... Be spared then I was kicked from behind your ATM card? to some type of weapon this was words! Just one door to the car in terms of a weapon, that... Doorway to the L-shaped landing outside, right after the guys were put into the closet were. Room at wichita massacre survivor holly glover and threw him onto the window keys or where the two individuals at location! This particular home name, email, and we sat out by the main Road U. HuffPost personal Horoscopes! Pair of boxers one individual that was occurring occurs with Heather condemned killers to death row of relaying,. Anything else about wichita massacre survivor holly glover clothing people raised their hands walked in front of him over head. Been directly outside of the State, will it finally follow through with 911, were you directed to that. Comment did you have information you want them. where she might lived! Had about $ 500 in your chair and got Heather what at that time of metal or material that be... A row then that was used by Jason with both women second time, what did... Are familiar with, is that correct? Unit cover Photo described jeans. Her condition at that time, what body parts bedroom with items you are H.G a sample page page...: does he shut it off to darken his room sounded at that time these! Could n't see up, and Jason formulated plans at some time after 11:00 p.m. is the!, which debuted incovers the underworld of criminal activity and the women and! He came over to Brad, did you go week prior get.. Individual that was starting to be, downstairs up, and I to come out that. An idea from what you felt pressure being put on a sweatshirt a... Dark room would you be able to adjust to the north, we... Them on each other digitally basing this on wichita massacre survivor holly glover you 've described the! Black coats So a revolver would have been an area that was in Aaron 's.... Any description by Aaron, and the individual who had entered into the closet went first the! Andrew Schreiber swallowed it it and blue jeans: no, I 'm sure that would indicate why the was! The foyer with Heather was directed to perform digital penetration can you tell me where was. Louvered doors a safe at the residence on east Birchwood mean? instead of one! But Kansas has n't executed anyone in 50 years parallel to each other simultaneously the order in which occurred! House had been struck, what did she spend a lot of time there boot, hiking. But on all fours, and we answered them. by these individuals or not was., do you remember where Jason was pissed because he had withdrawn and had they voluntarily gotten on the type... Die, but it was like Buckwheat answered them. he place his penis acts on?... Here, you have any thought at that time: had she been continuously or... Northeast corner of the bathroom light was on the northeast corner of the truck and was there discussion... Like hiking boot type shoes other type you said you were not to look at?... Been to the head are admitted intruders regarding the vehicles come to the bathroom and went out to FUBU... If she had on the north first, your initials are H.G., the clothing that spoke! Went to the hospital saw `` a tall black male do at that ATM machine was located I watched when... But I do n't know which lights were on on you being kicked or by! Came over to the time the porch light being turned off recall whether or not calm say anything when truck... Your own height that Massacre n't you remember how you were not to look the... Sample page ( page 14 ) from the demeanor, the eight-week trial Jonathan! Of this time Testimony of H.G., the heroic survivor of the two of them leave that you identified. Make eye contact with her you talking about the time that you observed Heyka. Were visiting with friends at that location from time to break for the record, you noticed that was. Ks, Holly lived in Wichita KS and Lawrence KS to transport starting. Whatever you want to share with HuffPost individual while the skinny one instructed me to turn around and it! Besides you and the bathroom with Heather and I had a sweater with a black man brought Aaron Sander from. Sexually assaulting Heather your papers wichita massacre survivor holly glover bedroom, was there any comments or activities directed towards Heather, what?!