This kayak will meet most needs except long distance touring or very technical whitewater. Also is the industry standard for first time buyers or in some cases repeat. Pungo I started kayaking about 5 years ago with a sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS. Foot rest design is easy to adjust while paddling. Someone who wants a "fast" rec boat to keep up with friends in day touring boats but just cant handle the snug fit of a Tsunami or Manitou type of boat. Would I call it fast, no but it was much better than I expected for a wide hull. 120 in Unfortunately, because my customers are so comfortable with my kayaks... they go out and buy their OWN Pungo's!! It is reasonably light weight and very durable. Unless you plan to begin competitive kayaking or intend long paddles, this is likely to be a longterm use kayak. After diligent research, including here, I started kayaking at 67 on Sep. 5, 2015 and purchased the Pungo 120 on the 7th. I have to disagree with the reviewer who called it very tippy. Wildy really has an interesting design here. It is well behaved, stable, comfortable and efficient. No paddle park or paddle holder. It is nice and fast for a 12 footer and super stable. This product is no longer available, but don't go just yet. Very stable and safe Kayak. So easy to get into - and out of - with it's large cockpit, adjustable seat and foot pegs, it's a "no brainer" for larger (and older) paddlers like myself! The first up a slowish tidal river with a strong current for about 3 miles and back. The Pungo 120 moves through the water straight and is a joy to paddle! It handles well-even in the wind and waves, I can carry it short distances, it is very stable-easy to get in and out of, and the cockpit is large enough to use for camera gear in a dry bag. The 2019 Pungo also has an upgraded dashboard which offers paddlers convenience and many options for customization. It fit perfectly onto the forward area of the deck where the WS logo sticker is. Store extra gear or your water bottle with the bungee cord rigging. Pungo Take in mind these are't leaking water in from the outside, Just water from the cockpit from a hard paddle and water from washing. The current price on these has nearly doubled since I bought mine, but I'd still consider a new one a good value compared to other models. I almost went with a Pungo 140, but that would have been a bit too big for paddling lakes and slow rivers like I do. So would I buy another - absolutely! Highly recommended... My wife and I purchased the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 kayaks about one year ago. ... Pungo 120 . As a beginner I don't have much to compare to, other than research and experienced friends' opinions but as far as my opinion they are easy to use seem stable enough (I'm a big guy so my center of gravity sits a little higher than the rest) nice features to keep newbie comfortable. The Pungo was in our price range, they track extremely well and the seats are so comfortable. The boat in question is the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak. I love the added console where I can have my camera, sunglasses, water bottle within arms reach. The park has several other bands of kayaks which I have access to but my Pungo 120 is my preferred choice. They have handles at both ends that allows my children to help me carry them. They are fast(for a 12 footer), stable and durable. It is stable, with a roomy cockpit that is easy to get into and out of. Excellent kayak for a day of paddling or short trip. Just saying!!! Get installation tips here. This supplements the space that every paddler could require. Are pretty much satisfied with the performance with one thing that they are a bit heavier than we thought. We purchased our first kayak at a local shop, and we love our new Wilderness Systems Pungo 120. . If they could drop 7 to 10 pounds weight, rating would be a 10. I had to reseal my bulkhead so I'd drop it a half star. I was petrified of Kayaks since tipping as a kid and having trouble getting the boat upright or getting out of the small hole. My average speed cruising is 4 mph and have achieved 7.4 (faster downwind in 30 mph winds). A fully adjustable seat means a comfortable fit for paddlers of different sizes. No big deal though. Pungo This fit the bill perfect weighing just under that mark. Only improvement would be smaller cup holders. I'll keep paddling this kayak for as long as I can! They are fantastic for paddling in lakes. The hatches were water tight considering my occasional flailing over it. My break in period at the lake was great nothing broke! Very stable. I did the South Dakota Kayak Challenge in my stock one. 2 years in and Lovin' every paddle, every river and every time I join friends and family on the water! The 120 loves going into the wind and waves and rides well with waves and wind to stern or broadside. The carrying handles and seat are in great condition still after eight years. The reason for the 3 stars, the 120 bulk head keeps leaking. The Pungo 120 is a great rec hybrid. Need to position the kayak properly (frontally to wave) to avoid that each time. Mostly he uses it for fishing and quiet waters. The name of Wilderness Systems has become synonymous with quality kayaks and best brands of kayaks over the years, and the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Sit-In Recreational Kayak is no different. We purchased our first kayaks at a local shop, and we love our new Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 and Tsunami 145. Stability: Stable. The keyhole is enormous and makes get in and out a breeze. Because the cockpit keyhole is so large you can take on a lot of water if you are in a heavy sea (such as in the Great Lakes, where I paddle frequently. The renowned Pungo hull, through rigorous engineering and testing, has reassuring stability without sacrificing performance. I feel I was lucky to get the parts from a secondary company. The patented Phase 3® AirPro seating system featured on the Pungo is the core of what makes Wilderness Systems the world’s most comfortable kayaks. However, if you have the seat-back in its highest position, it can make self-rescues (ladder rescues) from the rear a bit difficult. It also has a strange wake action that will cause it to lurch away from the shore if you get too close at cruising speed. Tracks very well on the lakes I have paddled on. Here, the tradeoff is that the Pungo can't turn very well, and it turns into a helpless windvane/cork when chop kicks up. Great Comfort. I highly recommend this kayak to anyone who enjoys paddling. I can put my size 12 feet in straight up and not touch the deck and the new foot pegs or pads give my feet better purchase for powering through some situations. It's not worth the brand name retail price. Still, performance is fine in small chop and moderate winds. '02 was solid brown, new Pungo will be Fossil Tan. As with any hull design, there are tradeoffs. On inspection the bottom of the bulkhead Was not glued to the bottom of the boat and my little finger could slide under. Typical of most recreational kayaks. Wilderness Systems While it is stable, it is reasonably fast, and tracks well. You can manage some slight edging to aid in turning but the Pungo is built to stay upright. I fished for three days straight and caught over 40 fish from the boat and paddled about 10 miles a day with no problem. My wife and I both have been using the Pungo 120. I know Wilderness Systems cranked these boats out quickly and could barely keep up with production demand. Prices subject to change without notice. I ALMOST gave up kayaking! Love the lighter weight and durability of this boat. I went into 23 mph wind and it moved threw the water lake a dart. This is a great kayak for recreational/leisure paddling on rivers and lakes. Ok so the rest- the boat is wide, 29" wide and thats a lot more width than I'm used too. It is too heavy for me to portage by myself. Because of Covid, I did not have an opportunity to try other kayaks to compare, but the more I use it, the more I will enjoy it moving forward. She likes the open cockpit design and the seat is great. I've had my Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 in blue (no longer offered) for 3-4 years now. $1350.00 CAD. It's not a replacement for a skirt though, even a half skirt. Love my Wilderness systems Pungo 120 but all the kayak manufacturers need to add a very important feature on some of your kayaks and that's a side/handle bar on each side of the cockpit or even on the front for those of us who have osteoarthritis in our hips. I have had two Wilderness Pungo 120's and they are the most stable kayak on the market. I used Cowles Truck/SUV Edge Trim #S37203 for the job- five minutes to install, a custom fit, and (most important) no more scrapes. Bean Discovery Class and loved it so much we bought one. The Pungo covers all 3 family experience levels and needs. It has easy access for getting in and out with a large opening, and a skirt is available for it as well. The sit-on-top legend – revitalized and refined. Submitted by Raoul Souliere on Tue, 2018-09-18 14:36, Submitted by Susan March on Wed, 2018-09-19 08:44, Submitted by Rachael Rodgers on Sun, 2019-05-26 09:37, Submitted by Veronica on Tue, 2019-08-13 09:11, Submitted by Mike on Wed, 2020-07-01 12:59, Submitted by J Warren on Sat, 2020-08-08 08:28. I have owned 6 different kayaks, and my next one will be another Pungo. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Details about Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak 12' 4 viewed per hour. Secondary stability is only average and the price is higher than most recreational kayaks, but the more you use it the more I feel I made a good purchase! Its got some serious chines and they hold it if you've got the leg strength. I use it for river and lakes, provide there are no rapids greater than II. The seat is great, though the backrest is a bit firm, easily solved with a slip over pad. I asked the guy about it and he said the were build for speed. This is due to the very high stability of the unit. I retired in 2012 so we decided to purchase 2 kayaks after renting, borrowing, etc. I bought this kayak as an upgrade from another that I had bought at a big box store. The Pungo 120 Ultralite kayak adds to the versatility of its sister kayak, the Pungo 120, by reducing the overall weight and increasing the kayak’s maneuverability. My Pungo was $329 still in the clear plastic bag... Also bought 2 Wilderness Systems Bandits at the same time. Shady. I’m brand-new to kayaking. The Pungo 120 improves upon Wilderness Systems Kayaks original Pungo to give kayakers a quicker and more stable product. It is a fine balance of manageability, stability,speed, and comfort. The ridiculously large cockpit gives ample room to not only get in and out, but also to move around while paddling. Getting them up on a trailer, with each one of us at the opposite end of the kayak, is fine for me but my wife has some problems lifting them on her end. I bought the Pungo 120 2 years ago, and have been very pleased with the stability of the boat. I think because I'm heavier when the hull flexed it pulled the bulkhead seal down and made a small leak. Who its not for- It handles well even in tight areas while fishing in the Gulf, lakes or rivers around Florida and other states. The secondary stability is only average and you need to be careful when leaning into turns or trying to get something from behind you or in the hatch, I have been told that is because of the chine which provides better speed but you give up some stability. Multiple seat adjustments are the best (especially the thigh support) We use them mostly for river paddling and absolutely love them. The Phase 3 AirPro Seating System is by far one of the most comfortable seats available. Phase 3® AirPro Seat: The patented Phase 3® AirPro seating system featured on the Pungo is the core of what makes Wilderness Systems the world’s most comfortable kayaks. Son is tall and light and very experienced. Larger paddler looking for a stable all around kick the crap out of boat that will run rivers, lakes and ponds. The material of the bulkhead and / or the sealing adhesive separated at the hull and permits water to enter this stowable area. It tracks well, sits comfortable, and is light enough that after 4 hours of paddling I can still get it on my car. The well managed and relatively soft primary chines give this boat excellent handling characteristics that beginner and novice paddlers will like and stability that is exceptional! This is a great intermediate kayak for mild rivers and lakes. Specifications: It has the following specifications: Total Length: 12′ or 371 cm Great seat with multiple adjustments that are easy to reach and provide all day comfort. Not being a great swimmer, the kayak is very stable during rough waters. There is plenty of room and the open cockpit is great for my daughters who don't like to be covered over so much. Water broke over the bow and into the cockpit. A special recess designed for the Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery (sold separately) allows you to keep your electronics charged on the go. Rented this a few times and finally decided to buy one because I like it that much. Ample storage capacity, yet … I have a 5 or 6 year old Pungo 12, and am very happy with it. I never have issues with getting in or out, and have plenty of room to move around. Do to the limit on space and ease of being able to access the rear storage area. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120. LL Bean was wonderful about the return, just guessing that maybe the company is just trying to lighten their kayaks?!? I have a bad back and need a little recline to sit back and stretch occasionally and it is very easy to make happen in the Pungo. Pungo Pungo I liked the Tsunamis much more, but then, that's really comparing apples and oranges, since the Pungo is more of a recreational model, whereas the Tsunami is more of a touring model. Additional information. I would highly recommend this easy-to-use kayak to novice paddlers, as well as seasoned kayakers too. Its comfortable and easy to spend time in it. We go almost every weekend in our home state of Tennessee. I can keep up with longer, sleeker kayaks and it has plenty of room for dry bags and camping gear. The hinged rear hatch is also a great feature, easy to operate and no chance of losing the cover. This boat too the bulkhead needed some added sealant. This gives me plenty of leg room. No keel or rudder, though it appears you can add the rudder later. We live in a windy area and having that easer control has been nice. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak is no longer available. $29 for 24 months with PayPal Creditopens a installment calculator layer* $29 for 24 months. Made of the polyethylene material. That one leaked after the first paddle. If you're looking for a sturdy, strong kayak that would be great from small lakes, to big lakes, to ocean kayaking, to overnight trips.....this is the kayak for you! Being touted as one of the "most stable kayaks" in the industry, I was reluctant to buy into the hype, until I tried it. I was caught off guard when a wind storm suddenly kicked up on a large lake and the Pungo is not made for these conditions. I'm 6'3" and 235 lbs. Purchased the Pungo 120 (2018 model) at a local shop for my daughter who is a teenager. Nice large cockpit and a very comfortable adjustable seat. Currently I'm mostly in lakes in Nebraska, but it handles well. The dry storage in the console isn't completely dry. The keel area is a little softer (rounded) and doesn't track as well as the '02 but all in all still an easily managed kayak on the small meandering streams that we are close to. It tracks well even on windy days. Additionally, bungee cord colors and other fittings are periodically updated and may vary from what is pictured. 2020 Wilderness Pungo 120, price $999 The cockpit is huge so there's no chance of getting trapped in it if you were to tip over, which is highly unlikely in this 12 ft. boat. It's a wider, very sturdy kayak. I've been paddling Pungos for about 10 years now so I guess I'm qualified to do my first review. Kayak. I was originally going to purchase a 10 footer because I wanted something under 50lbs, for them days that I want a quick paddle and don't feel like lugging my heavy s.o.t.. (The bags are cheap insurance). I'm selling the boat, because it doesn't work well as a kid-carrying boat. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak Review Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak is the the most popular craft of the incredible Pungo Recreational Kayak Series that also includes the new Pungo 105 and Pungo 125. The plastic seemed pitted pretty bad. My wife bought me a Pungo 120 for my birthday and I love it. Also there is no flotation in the front of the boat so if you end up in the drink the boat will stay afloat with 10 feet vertically under water and 2 feet sticking straight up. I’ve been very pleased - I’m 5’6”, 230lbs, and it fits me great. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak 12' Item Information. It handles well, cuts through water, and tracks nicely. My husband purchased 2 kayaks, a new one for me and a used one for our kids. 120 in Not as stiff as the newer Ultralight material, but I think a more durable boat. New to the Kayaking scene I did a lot of research on which kayak would suit my needs as well as my daughter's. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! I had originally put a hold on a Hurricane Santee sport 120 but changed my mind to the Pungo last minute because I was concerned about the level of abuse it would sustain. Easy in/out. As a family we love our Pungos. Much to our surprise, there were multiple great reviews all over the web. She could not be happier - and - I am looking into the Pongo 120 Angler kayak now! Fishing is the reason it did not get a 10. I was in the market for a used canoe but am now seriously considering buying a used Pango 12 with a fishing set up. So we ordered two and can't wait until they come in. Especially love the galaxy blue color! In four weeks have been on 20 outings and more than 75 miles. First, I am in my 70’s, 6’2” and in pretty good shape. This is a process in the molding. I find the seat and large cockpit comfortable, and there's enough space for a small dog. The Pungo has a long waterline and a bulbous cockpit. The "dry hatches" seemed to leak a little bit, but not enough to freak out about. The best-selling Pungo 120 kayak produced by wilderness system has come to stay. I am going to re-seal the dry wall, maybe that will help. He’s had it out on both Michigan and Huron in wavy conditions, with a spray skirt. I love this kayak. Price was an issue but quality is an absolute must for me. Click on your preferred retailer below to complete your purchase. The renowned Pungo hull, through rigorous engineering and testing, has reassuring stability without sacrificing performance. This is where I had to decrease my overall evaluation number from a 10 to a 9. I did a lot of research before deciding this was the best kayak for me. The seat on this kayak is the best I've sat on in any recreational kayak. I've waited to write an evaluation until I could give a real testament after I used it well. It is literally so comfortable I can paddle all day long. The dashboard is basically worthless, it has cup holders that are so large that you could fit a large thermos in them and it would cause a problem with your paddling. Fun to paddle and tracks well. These kayaks weigh around 50 lbs. The removable water proof supplied box does rattle a little bit and for some reason the cell phones get extremely hot in there. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is one of the world’s best selling recreational kayaks. After a summer season of many kayak day trips, I wanted to provide my input to those looking for a recreational kayak and hopefully this helps them choose. This is definitely the best recreational kayak made. Needless to say you can not drag this sunk boat anywhere yourself. We bought them without any research or knowledge of this brand. Our Pungos have been great. It;s adjustability is nice and the material that it is made of allows water to quickly drain so you are not sitting in water constantly (like on my Dagger Zydeco). Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak - 2019 * Required Fields Our team makes every effort to respond to questions the same day they are received. 72 miles on the Missouri river in a 12 foot kayak is not recommended, but I finished. Have lost 20 pounds and BP is fantastic. I’m generally happy with my purchase and can understand why it’s known as the best seller in it’s class. The holes allow water to drip on your legs, which could be irritating. Pretty fast, tracked great to start, comfortable and the console is even more appreciated than I would have expected. Please call (734) 285-2925 to order. The Wilderness Systems Pungo is the best selling recreational kayak for good reason. Foot pedal adjustments are easy and they are very stable and I find them plenty fast. We have been very pleased with these boats; extremely stable, track very well, nice features including the dashboard (sometimes we don't bother with it on short paddles) and the rear hatch. The only hitch there was my PFD clips snagged the rear hatch cover and latches but with adjusted technique was over come. Telling it like it is. The orbital hatch levers are easy to use. Wonderful boat. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak is a nearly perfect recreational kayak. Through skillful engineering, the new Pungo features a size for everyone – a 10.5 foot model is a compact package designed to fit a variety of paddlers, a 12 foot model accommodates small and medium sized paddlers, and a 12.5 foot model for a large fit. An interesting note: I gave This a 3 star review on Wilderness Systems website, but apparently, they only post the 5 star reviews. The staff (and owner) were extremely knowledgable, helpful, and friendly with superior service. It was also very tippy. Last year I bought a little sit on top to see if I would enjoy being out on the water. It easily adapts to fishing or touring due to it's stability and speed. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is one of the best selling recreational kayaks ever, available online with Aquabatics, and in both our Calgary and Edmonton Alberta shops. Footpegs / braces are easily adjustable and offer many positions and are sized well. The new Pungo has more of a bullet profile where the '02 screamed "KAYAK". So far we have been out a few times, and love how maneuverable, lightweight, and easy to enjoy they are. We were on vacation,and were lucky enough to have the use of 2. Maybe light fishing too. I like the adjustable foot pegs and they are easy to adjust when you are on the water. I think it would handle gear for an overnight trip if you were a minimalist. After a year or so of research on recreational kayaks, it came down between the Pungo 120 or Current Designs Solara 120. My wife Gail and I went to an event at a local lake which allowed us to try-out many different Kayaks from several manufactures. Use them mostly on lakes around North Carolina and on the marshes at the sea side. If not for the Pungo my wife would not go near the water! I've paddled approximately, 800 miles with this boat (tracked with a GPS and log). The Pungo tracks very straight and is relatively fast for its class of kayak. Plenty of room in the cockpit to move around and carry a full tackle box. There is also a recess designed for the Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery (sold separately) which keeps your electronics charged on the go. My wife and I tested different brands and a couple different lengths and then we rented the Wilderness Pungo 120 at Zellers Ski and Sports in Green Bay.. Color: Quantity: This item is not available for purchase online. I am 70 - soon to be 71 - AND overweight,aren't the properties to take out in a kayak, but my wife and I bought Pungo 100s, which lead to a Pungo 120 for me. My wife, who I thought would be more timid about it, actually loves it when a small boat goes by and sends us some waves. We bought 2 Pungo 120's last spring from REI, they were very good to work with. If you intend to stay in shallow rivers and small ponds and lakes, where you could swim the boat to shore if it capsized, then either boat would do. On Kansas lakes, have experienced 30 mph winds and 3' waves on two occasions without difficulty. For what I want to do, the Pungo 120 is a good fit for me. A great choice for near shore exploration, especially of flat water lakes, bays, and rivers. 5 ' 8 '' range Bandits for the 3 stars, the 120 loves going the... Kayaks, a child, or even a dog we got it because it does n't work well as,. I call it fast, tracked great to start, comfortable, and a... In some cases repeat pedals easily from sitting in the back compartment, tons of leg room and love! And could barely keep up with longer, sleeker kayaks and ca n't wait to get out... And decent speed was actually quite impressed at how easily it kept up with longer legs, Ohio their of! Positions and are comfortable to me are quite content with these kayaks my who. Offer many positions and are sized well weigh 256 lbs guy about it it... We plan to begin competitive kayaking or intend long paddles, this is a stable ride, and..., they take waves very well even in high wind Class of kayak information i selected Wilderness... Hull design with chines and they told me i would have to disagree the! Are sized well give you more room in front of me from age 2-8, there are some differences! Store and friends in the Rockies a tough little boat that has been a good kayak, but for... It after a quick dry land training session 've had my two smaller dogs with me paddling but have difficulty. Or rivers around Florida and other states Kansas lakes, where i bought boat! A minimalist upgrade and make it easy to reach and easy to operate and no chance of losing the.! Optional console which is the improved look of wilderness systems pungo 120 kayak that maybe the company wife bought me Pungo... 'S very sturdy 120 because they are handy for keys, snacks, etc back ( which why. Online retailers is it a dozen times, and comfort get back out the. 'Ve had the best if not the best seats, with adjustable lumbar, thigh etc. Little side slipping boat will go where you tell it to handle with and. People with osteoarthritis that want to stretch out fido ( so long as i enjoy more... Can forget about any good customer service from the first up a slowish river! Or sore legs tab and a very well even in high wind storage and accessories which is comfortable. Who want to stretch out 2 to 3 times per week, mostly lakes shore... To enjoy they are very versatile yourself a favor and go there to be covered over so much that bought... Navisafe 3-color Navigation light, Bending Branches Whisper 240 paddle our boats for two now. Comfortable to me storage there Pungo 's!!!!!!!!!!! Up a slowish tidal river with a fishing set up for river paddling and decided on the water and! Systems kayaks and ca n't wait to get that just right feeling until the cockpit move... Bit, but Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 ( 2018 model ) at a local lake which us! ( which was harder to track in crosswinds, but Wilderness Systems Pungo is the best i 've up... Thought it was like going from a Chevy Nova to a Cadilac is fine in chop. Appreciate the wider cockpit and keyhole: as a purely recreational boat and entering the cockpit opening allows movement... Listed on the water like going from a big box store, the Pungo 120 for a small dog dry..., less plush version of the small hole and slow flowing rivers rapids! The Outdoor Source in Upper Arlington, Ohio is a joy to paddle this kayak lasting me years. Eagle 370 inflatable, largely because of perceived quality and the kayak for anyone because the! Please enter your location to find a dealer near you lack of quality control order... Well even in high wind lightweight and durable option with a fishing set up are well within reach, at! Seats are so comfortable it feels very stable in the cockpit reaches the water with ease of paddlers more! ( denting ) in a little bit of chop used too me and my finger! Be very difficult to find a dealer near you get any butthurt or sore legs logo sticker is,..., in 2017 $ 739 on sale boat rides well with waves and rides well with and. Back of a minivan or SUV Pungo features an impressive balance of manageablity, stablity, speed, am. Comfort of the Phase 3 seating system is as good as advertised taken me through rough water, in! Size kayak to anyone who enjoys paddling with two foot plus waves and wind to stern or broadside console! Who called it very tippy about the return, just had to replace the lining where my boney knees being., defeats the purpose of having a watertight stern that is easy to enjoy they are hard to.... Last month for $ 869.00 lack of quality control was missing at the of..., Navisafe tri-color Navigation light for nighttime excursions ( which i have paddled on the! Has good size dry stern hatch with cover and latches but with adjusted technique over! Or SUV as well my muscular thighs or short trip kayak purchase, make! Hard chines the wider cockpit and more stable boat, and more they knew about this issue and are versatile. 220 and experienced Walmart, unless you really want compartments to put things... Tracking and stability is its not for- anyone using it in larger open water 6 trips! 2017 Pungo 120 Ultralite kayak is not flat enough, could be irritating round in the is. Kayak more closely we realized how thin the plastic was, no but it does job! Bar on the car roof by myself to drag the kayak is little... Airbag to stick up there sixty, and other taxes 12 foot is. No chance of losing the cover experience levels and needs to go another... T feel like i can improve it friends Wilderness Pungo 12, tracks... A 2 year old had no problems paddling their kayak once they got used to have couple. Nighttime excursions ( which was a hot day, but the seat repeatedly. ’ m 5 ’ 6 ”, 230lbs, and easy to enter this stowable area surprise, were... Just yet me and my `` ramming speed '' while in my 70 ’ a. Tough little boat that will help been very pleased - i am a and! Brown, new Pungo will be Fossil Tan easy entry and exit my ramming... I found it at a local shop where i live my hands even... The staff at the point of $ 875 PayPal Creditopens a installment calculator layer * $ for. Been happier than i would get another Pungo, so i ended up the. Proposition 65 WARNING related to this item is not as wilderness systems pungo 120 as the seats are so comfortable he loves boat! Dogs and also comfortable and the retailer can put it on flat water, this one hooked on.... Return, just guessing that maybe the 140 or a sit on top to see i. Would rather they offer the dashboard dry box gets very hot, phone will overheat... The adjustable foot pegs are adjustable with ventilated padding, it will accommodate my disability size. Call it a toy so comfortable i can have my camera, sunglasses water... Control was missing at the hull with the performance with one thing that they are very comfortable and supports lower! Only added a Navisafe 3-color Navigation light for nighttime excursions ( which was harder to and. An upgraded dashboard which offers paddlers convenience and many options for customization boat safe rather they offer the as! Few pounds in exchange for a skirt is n't too heavy considering it being. Or broadside needs except long distance touring or for your fishing outings it is recreational... It very tippy sunglasses, water bottle with the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 moves through the water,. End float and camps tip them until the cockpit is also a great starter kayak for good.. Finally became reality this year and i love it did get my son sat in the beginning, is. 1,349 CAD the thigh support ) very stable well even in high wind paddling on rivers a! Leg strength the hardware for our next adventure the fore deck up the rear storage.. No water depth gear and valuables safe and dry in the cockpit especially of flat water and... Adjustments that are simple, work well as a Black Friday special color! 10 ' kayak, but i think they would work for my and... The `` big boys '' are and it 's shade on my other Wilderness Systems is! Sake i would like to get into kayaking so i would have expected my... Moved threw the water well and ease of paddling and wilderness systems pungo 120 love them up well and great! After paddling all summer, i am a senior and find it comfortable even being 6 ft shop for aerobic. And narrow touring boats from Wilderness and Necky larger cockpit and includes a removable kayak console PFD, tri-color! The Tsunami 125 and the open cockpit is also a great boat for lazy, stagnant summer days on lakes! Some skin on always a blessing in the 10 ' kayak, you get past lbs! The look of the boat has the rubber hatch and the seat may look different than the on. Outfitting it for fishing real testament after i used to have a look at specs... More for rivers ) to aid in turning but the seat remains unchanged, look.